Geography-Important World Geography Questions with Answers

1. What is the percentage of radiant energy reflected back by surface called? – Albedo
2. Which types of cloud rarely forms at height lower than 5000 metres? – Nimbostratus
3. A sea-breeze front is a weather front created by a sea-breeze, also known
by which name? – Convergence zone
4. What is a line on a weather map joining all places of equal pressure
called? – Isobar
5. Why is wind in the southern hemisphere is deflected towards left? – Due to
rotation of the earth

6. Local thunderstorms ‘Norwesters’ are prominent in which state? – West

7. If the atmosphere is cooled, what is its capacity for water vapour? – Lowered

8. The tornadoes are very strong tropical cyclones originating in which sea? – Caribbean sea

9. Which region receives the rainfall throughout the year due to westerly
winds? – South Chile
10. A cold local wind draining occasionally down the Rhone valley is known by
which name? – Mistral

11. What the wind is deflected due of the rotation of the earth? – Geostropic

12. Which winds are flowing from sub tropical high pressure to sub polar low
pressure? – Westerlies
13. Which hot dust-laden wind is blowing from Sahara desert to Mediterranean
region? – Sirocco
14. How is angular speed of a whirlwind in a tornado towards the centre? – Decreases rapidly

15. What are tropical cyclones of the Bay of Bengal usually called? – Typhoons

16. What is the name of very violent and serious types of winds which bring lot
of disaster? – Hurricane
17. Who introduced the term anticyclone for the first time? – F. Galton

18. Why do the tropical cyclones not occur close to the equator? – Weak coriolis force

19. Why is fog common around Newfoundland coast? – Because warm and cold
current meets

20. The Amazon basin of South Amarica and the Cango basin of Africa lie in
which belf? – Equatorial belt
21. We find rainfall very heavy all the year round in the belt known by which
name? – The Derent Belt
22. How are the temperatures in equatorial regions between July and January? – The same

23. Which island receives conventional rainfall? – Sumatra

24. In which region does rainfall occur throughout the year? – Equatorial

25. In mid-latitudes, convective precipitation is associated with which front?
– Cold fronts

26. Exceptionally high rainfall is recorded in regions owing to which effect? – Orographic effect

27. In which country has maximum damage to the forests been caused by acid
rain? – Poland
28. Which type of rubber provides the best commercial rubber? – Castillo

29. Which biomass has the highest species diversity? – Tropical rainforests

30. What is the minimum forest cover to maintain ecological balance? – 33%

31. The high altitude tropical forest which has dwarfed trees is known by which
name? – Elfm forest
32. What are the plants of tropical and sub-tropical regions called? – Vegatherms

33. The lower limit of the growing season is fixed a temperature of how many
degrees? – 6°C
34. Bamboo and pine trees are generally found in which types of climates? – Tropical monsoon

35. Thick stems and thorny wax coated leaves are commonly found in which area?
– Deserts
36. Xerophytes are plants which can grow in regions having how moisture? – Low

37. What are the plants of tropical and sub-tropical regions called? – mesotherms

38. Plants which lack true roots, stems and leaves are called by which name? – Thallophytes

39. Equatorial forest of the Amazon basin is known as by which name? – Selvas

40. Plants having thorny leaves and penetrating roots are classified by which
name? – Xerophytes
41. Primitive people practice animal rearing in the tropical grasslands of
which area? – East Africa
42. What are the Low-latitude grasslands in south America called? – Pampas

43. The daily and annual range of temperature is minimum in which area? – Hot

44. The daily and annual range of temperature is maximum in which area? – Savanna grassland

45. Which environment leads to the occurrence of acid rain? – Sulphur dioxide
46. Which endangered Ridley turtles have the world’s largest aggregation? – Gahirmatha

47. Which climate factor has the least effect upon terrestrial ecosystem? – Wind

48. By whom was the concept of ‘stop and go’ Determinism put forward? – Griffith Taylor

49. What is the transition zone between two Ecosystems called? – Ecotone

50. The wave length of electromagnetic wave of the spectrum is expressed in
which unit? – Angstorm
51. Which activity occupies the largest area of the world? – Pastoral herding

52. Which is the chief characteristic of wet and dry tropics? – Constant

53. In equatorial regions How is the temperature between July and January? – The same

54. Which natural region produced by the creation of climatic homogeneity by
the sea? – Marine west coast
55. Lichens and Mosses are characteristic vegetation of which zone? – The polar

56. Which Grand Banks are famous fishing grounds in the region? – North-West

57. A majority of the population of New found land are engaged in which
profession? – Fishing
58. Which is the most important pelagic fish found in the North Sea adjacent to
the U. K.? – Herring
59. Which country produced 127 lakh metric tones fish in 2010? – Japan

60. The Dogger Bank, the main fishing area of Europe, lies in which sea? – North Sea

61. Which country is included in the North-West pacific fishing grounds? – Japan

62. Abundance of organic matter in the soil is indicated by which colour? – Dark colour

63. What is the most suitable measure for soil conservation? – Afforestation

64. Which are the Soils that developed in humid tropical regions? – Laterite

65. Which soils developed on transported sediments? – Lithosols

66. Which type of soils produced by granite and gneiss of weathering? – Red

66. In which region is maximum amount of world’s phosphate produced? – Northern

68. Which mineral is found in association with zinc? – Lead

69. In CIS, Krivory Rog, Kerch peninsula, Magnitogorsk are major producers of
which ore? – Iron Ore
70. Which mineral is occurs in Alluvial deposits? – Tin

71. Which minerals are associated with granite and igneous rock? – Gold and

72. Which country is the largest producer of electricity by wind power in the
world? – Norway
73. Where is the highest hydro-power potential in the African continent? – Equatorial Africa

74. Which country has the highest proportion of its electricity generation by
nuclear plants? – France
75. Which is the highest coal producing country in the world? – China

76. Which country is the biggest exporter of soybeans in the world? – U.S.A.

77. Which region is practicing most intensive subsistence farming? – Monsoon

78. Which food stuff is supposed to be the aristocrat among all cereals? – Wheat

79. Who has divided the world into major agricultural regions? – Whittlesey

80. Which country is well-known for its small precision high cost industrial
goods? – Switzerland
81. Which has influenced most regarding the location of industries in the
world? – Petroleum
82. Among the Asian countries, whose share in the world exports is the highest?
– Singapore
83. Augusta and Atlanta, Where are the two important cotton textile centers
located? – Georgia
84. Who devoted himself to the study of the modes of life of Germans living
outside Germany? – Ratzel
85. Who advocated the idea that ‘the state is an organism attached to the
land’? – Ratzel
86. Who geographers stated that the Earth is ail inseparable organic whole? – Ritter

87. The highest growth rate of population is found in which country? – India

88. Who was the first scholar to formulate the laws of migration? – Ravenstein,

89. South East Asian Cultural realm culturally is dominated by which country? – China

90. Which primitive people use ‘Krall’ for their shelter? – Maasai

91. Which racial group has the largest number of members? – Mongoloid

92. Who propounded the concentric circle theory of city morphology? – Burgess

93. Which country has the largest concentration of Railways? – South Africa

94. Which geographers wrote the book ‘Influences of Geographic Environment’? – Semple

95. Which geographer has developed the idea of the ‘mobility transition’? – L.A. Kosinski

96. Which geographer adopted the ‘deductive method’ of study in geography? – Kant

97. Which is the largest country in South West Asia in terms of population? – Turkey

98. ‘Amphilious’ wooden houses, floating of the chanals, where are found? – Bangkok

99. The major amount of wheat in Ukraine is produced in area of which soil? – Black earth (soil)

100. What is the largest country in the western hemisphere in terms of
population? – United states

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