ECIL GET Electrical And Electronics 2010 and 2012 Questions Paper Analysis With Important Topics

ECIL GET Electrical And Electronics (EEE) 2010 and 2012 Questions Paper Analysis With Important Topics

Here I am writing review of ECIL GET EEE 2010 and 2012 exam,I am thanks full to student who have written review of 2010 and 2012 exam on various portal.These student have attempted ECIL GET Exam 2010 and 2012 on the basis of theirs review here I am writing a complete review.

According to review in 2010 and 2012 exam pattern as following

Total no of questions-50 (Only technical questions)

Total Marks-150 each questions 3 marks

Total Times-120 Minutes

Negative Marking-One marks for each wrong answers

That time exam was easy and competition was also easy and there is sufficient time for solving 50 questions,But in GET 2017 Exam will be not easy because there is 100 questions in 90 minutes but there will be no negative marking .

Expected this time exam will be also easy but due large no of candidate and less time,Competition will be high.

I hope my this review will provide great to ECIL GET 2017 Aspirants.

Important Topics Have Asked In 2010 And 2012 GET Exam-

Here I am providing important topics which have asked in 2010 and 2012 exam based on student review.

1.Analog Electronics (Opams)

2.Electrical Machine (Important topics Transformer,Synchronous Motor)

3.Digital circuit (Important topics  ADC & DAC)

4.Networks Analysis(Networks Theorems)

5.Control System (1-2 questions)

6.Signal System (1-2 questions)

7.Communication (1-2 questions)

8.Basic Electrical (Resonance,RLC Circuit)

9.Measurement (CRO)

10.Power system (Protection and distribution )


Questions Have Asked In 2010 And 2012 GET Exam-

Important Questions which have asked in GET 2010 and 2012 exam as following

  • A charge of 1 Coulomb is moved from potential of 80v to 20v.The work done in moving the charge
  • A 200KW thermal plant running giving an avg output of 180kw.when charges Rs.2 per unit.What could be the cost of generation.
  • Fastest A/D converter
  • Which GATE used as a Comparator
  • One question from Lagging-leading?
  • Problem to calculate Parallel resonance of RLC circuit,in which R,LC values were given.
  • Simplifications of Boolean Algebra like-x(x+y) and 1+x
  • Calculate DC gain of 10/((s+2)(s+1))
  • Calculate Steady state error for step input when function is 1/(1+sT)
  • When two’s compliment of two numbers multiplied they lie in the range of
  • Conversion of binary no. (ex. .1101) to decimal
  • Metal oxide varistors are used for
  • What is unit of flux density?
  • Input is given to NAND gate then find out put
  • Problems on op-amp circuit
  • Problems on Nyquist plot to calculate angle
  • Two questions from microprocessor
  • Type of relay used in long transmission lines
  • Series capacitors are used for?
  • Which of the following machines works on Ac and DC supply
  • If sinusoidal input is given to Schimit trigger what will be output?
  • Calculate the RMS value of given voltage?
  • Special diode made of a metal & a semi-conductor?
  • Ratio of Electric field strength (E) & magnetic field (B) gives?
  • Roll -Off Characteristics for a Filter depends on?
  • Problems on Rth, to find Voltage across a given parameter in simple circuit
  • Problem to determine reactive power(Q) when Vs, Vr & X is given?
  • When Synchronous motor at no load?
  • Which turbine used for low head
  • Two Transformer A & B have 50hz and 400hz frequency. Which is big A or B
  • What is the use of ready signal in 8085 microprocessors
  • Two lamp connected in series than total power drawn?
  • One question from synchronous motor
  • Calculate Rth of given ckt?
  • Two questions from Thevnin theorem
  • Amplifying Signal is carried by?
  • Calculate the frequency of parallel Resonance Circuit
  • One question from OPAM (calculate o/p voltage)?
  • Calculate load current of Bridge rectifier?
  • One program on C?
  • Calculate the Laplace of te^-at?
  • Given a characteristics equation of stable system find value of a?
  • When we used a negative feed back in Oscillator?
  • In CE configuration why Capacitor used parallel with resistor of emitter?
  • Which sensor not used for measurement of wight?
  • If sinusoidal input is given in vertical plate of CRO and nothing on horizontal what will happen?
  • Calculate the Time constant of RC circuit
  • Problems of circuit theory very simple
  • Thyristor will be turned off when

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ECIL GET Electronics And Communication 2010 and 2012 Questions Paper Analysis With Important Topics


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