RRB JE CBT First 31th May To 1st June Asked Questions

RRB JE CBT First 31th May To 1st June Asked Questions

General Knowledge Questions

Fastest 100 wickets in ODI-Rashid Khan

The first captain of a test match in India-CK Nayudu (1932–1934)

Indian Test team’s captain-Virat Kohli

Indian made first Submarine-INS Shalki (S46)

Aricle 17 is related to-Abolition of Untouchability
2014 Asian games held-Incheon, South Korea

Jammu is situated on which river-Tawi

Longest peninsular river-Godavari

Tuirial dam is situated in-Mizoram

In which amendment Lok Sabha seat increased 525 to 545- 31st Constitutional Amendment Act, 1973

Who was the youngest to score 10000 runs in test matches and that person broke the record of Sachin Tendulkar-Virat Kohli

National Bambu scheme was started by which ministry-Economic Affairs

Rangeet River flows in which of the following districts-Darjeeling district

Rugby world 2018 was held in which country-San Francisco, United States

World environment day 2018 is hosted by which country-India

Who is CM of Kerala-Pinarayi Vijayan

Which Cricket team won 1st t20 World cup-India
Who sworn as Telangana high court chief justice in January 2019-T.B. Radhakrishnan

Men world cup t20 in 2021 going to be held country-India

Which book is written by Kali das-Meghdoot

Presidential rule in Jharkhand in 2013 who is the governor-Syed Ahmed

General Science Questions

Lightest metal-Lithium

Which vitamin we get from Sun light-Vitamin D

Flame cells are found in which of the following- Simplest freshwater invertebrates

Which vitamin destroyed when it is heated-Vitamin C

The relation between V, I & R-V=IR

Carbon + Oxygen-CO2

Which wood is used in Timber-White pine, red and white oak

What comes in Right side of the periodic table-NonmetalNight blindness is caused by which vitamin’s deficiency-Vitamin A

The human eye works on which phenomena-Camera

The chemical name of milk of magnesia-Magnesium hydroxide

In AIDS attack which part of the human body affects-Lungs

What are the elements called which falls after actinides in the Periodic table-Lanthanides

Which light deviated at least-Red

If some bulbs are arranged in a series one bulb gets fused then will the other bulbs continue to glow-No

What is the formula of caustic potash-KOH

Which vitamin provides calcium to the body-D

___ has four chambers in the human body-Heart

What is the SI unit of amplitude-Metre

What is the number of chromosomes in the human body-23 pairs=46

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