RRB JE CBT First 27th May To 28th May Asked Questions

RRB JE CBT First 27th May To 28th May Asked Questions

General Knowledge Questions

Agartala is the capital of-Tripura

When was Dandi march commenced-12 March 1930

Which city hosted the Olympic games of 1984-Los Angeles

Dhokla food relate to-Gujarat

In March 2019 for which bank 200cr have been allocated

Known by the name of Chacha Nehru-PanditJawaharlal Nehru

Panipat’s 1st battle-21 April 1526

E Shakti web portal was launched by which organization-NABARD

Article 20 is related to-Fundamental rights

The nickname of Australian cricket player Ricky Ponting-Punter

The number of awards in the Olympic games won by India-28

Manpreet Singh is related to which of the following states-Jalandhar, Punjab, India

How many members are appointed by the President in both houses-12

Which Planet has been recently discovered by NASA-K2-293b and K2-294b

Which of the following is a Defense Satellite-GSAT-7 or INSAT-4F

City of Joy-Kolkata

General Science Questions

Emergency hormone-Adrenaline

When Acids are reacted to base what will be the product-Salt

Which of the following elements are found in fuel- Hydrocarbons

Most electronegative element in periodic table- Fluorine

The chemical name of K2SO4-Potassium Sulfate

Which of the following is efficient in Iron-Spinach

Disease caused by the deficiency of vitamin C-Scurvy

Which of the following is Milk hormone-Bovine somatotropin (BST) or bovine growth hormone (BGH)

The smallest bone in the human body-Stapes

Which hormone control glucose levels in the body-Insulin

Which Hormone is secreted by women during childbirth-Oxytocin

Unit of work-Joule

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RRB JE CBT First 26th May To 27th May Asked Questions

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