BSNL SoP/Rectt/2016, dated the 7th Oct. 2016.
5.10 Evaluation & result preparation of the examination
Activities Involved :- The provisional answer key/link would be announced in the BSNL Portal after
the Online Examination held within 5 (five) working days.
 Any queries regarding answer key/link with authentic proofs in the prescribed
Proforma (BSNL Online Examination Queries Proforma) may be submitted
within 7 (seven) working days to email id: or fax no.
011-23356657. Opinion of the Expert Committee, on queries that would be received, is to be
submitted within 3 (three) days and thereafter the final answer key/link would
be issued in the official website of BSNL.
 No queries after the above prescribed time frame & without authentic proof
shall be entertained.
 Paper-wise marks scored by the candidates would be prepared.
 Marks scored by the candidates would be uploaded in the System and
candidates would be able to view the marks scored by them from the website
by logging in their User ID and Password.
 Marks scored by the candidates could be downloaded from the System.
 Merit list would be prepared on the basis of marks secured by the candidates
on the basis of their year-wise eligibility.
 Final result would be prepared from the merit list on the basis of number of
vacancy available for a particular year.
NAME OF EXAMINATION:………………………………………………………………………….
DATE OF EXAMINATION ; ………………………………………………………………………….
NAME OF THE CANDIDATE:……………………………………………………………………………
REGISTRATION ID:…………………………………………………………………………………..

215 thoughts on “BSNL TTA (JE) 2016 ANSWER KEY”

  1. Sir pls reply as soon
    As we all know bsnl has released its ans key provisional but a lot of candidates finds that about 25-30 Ques. Answers are given wrong might be it is printing mistakes or whatever error it is by bsnl. But now sir i want ur feedback about the issue that as bsnl is providing service to candidates to correct these provisional ans keys if any through its proforma that has to be mailed to them. Now i wanted u to pls pls tell me that how to attach these 25-30 Wrong ans that i am going to claim in proforma. Is i have to include all these 25-30 Ans with proofs as pdf with proforma and then send it to bsnl help email? Or any other way.

    1. you are right and there is only one way to claim this is given and attach you proof with every wrong questions wright all thing in given proforma,to attaching proofs give them name by que id and than wright theirs name in ending mail them with all attachment to given mail it.

  2. dear sir in answer key of 29 mng lots of mistakes.
    according to me around 20 misktakes in the answer key.
    what can we do to resolve this problem.
    i am vey tense ,please tell me

    1. dont wary about it i have got in some shift near about 35-40 que answer is wrong and please collect proof for these que and send claim with given proforma and i am sure the will correct these answers.

  3. dear sir please help me according to me in 29 morning shift 29,70,86,87,102,122,131,132,133,136,146,172,174,175,181,187,197,198,200 are wrong.according to you these are wrong or not please tell me

  4. sir in 25th morning session there are so many wrong answers given in the key and also i remember about 10 questions that were asked in the paper and i answered them correctly but they are not in the answer key…how to write about them

  5. 35.Absolute value of z = x + iy is?
    170.High power amplification is achieved by the use of??
    184.Binary 11110 equals ____ in hexadecimal?
    192.MODEM can be classified as equipment of?

  6. Question 123.Among the following statements which one is true?
    a) a.c. transmission is more efficient
    b) d.c. transmission is more efficient
    c) both are equally efficient
    d) low voltage d.c. transmission is more efficient
    Correct Answer: both are equally efficien
    ACT ANS:

  7. Question 149.Closed circuit technique are based
    a) superposition theorem
    b) Thevenins theorem
    c) Kirchoff's current law
    d) Kirchoff's voltage law
    Correct Answer: Thevenins theorem

    Question 30.The Fourier series of an even periodic function will consist of _______________ terms onlY
    a) cosine term
    b) sine terms
    c) cosine and sine term
    d) DC and cosine terms
    Correct Answer: cosine termS

  9. Question 143.The reflection coefficient on loss less transmission line ______________
    쑲ि तही न ट 뙊 ा ं सिमशन ला इन का परा वत羖駦 क गु णा ं क _______________
    a) is always purely imaginary
    सद ै व पू ण羖駦 आभा षी हो ता है
    b) is always purely real
    सद ै व पू ण羖駦 वा燂懤ि वक हो ता है
    c) is always complex
    सद ै व कॉ 뒩fiे 춲㵇 हो ता है
    d) can be any way
    िकसी भी 꺓匑का र का हो सकता है ।
    Correct Answer: can be any way
    िकसी भी 꺓匑का र का हो सकता है
    is answer

  10. 137.Indicate the false option. If SWR on a transmission line is infinity; the line is terminated in
    1. a short circuit
    2. a complex impedance
    3. an open circuit
    4. a pure reactance
    chose wrong one from these

    1. Question 187.Electronic devices are most reliable when designed for ____ operation.Options:
      a) decimal
      b) hexadecimal

      c) binary

      d) ASCII
      Correct Answer: hexadecimal

    2. binary is right ans because all all electronics ckt have two state low or high and these are represented by 0 or 1 and also all logic gate works on these two values only.

  11. Question 174.In Nyquist criteria, the roots of characteristic equation are given by
    a) poles of the open loop transfer function

    b) zeroes of open loop transfer function

    c) poles of the closed loop transfer funct
    d) zeroes of the closed loop transfer function

  12. sir in 25 evening paper these questions are wrong
    sir plz check and if any others you found then pl share in comment..

  13. Question 199.Loader in a computer
    a) software

    b) firmware
    c) hardware

    d) None of these

    Correct Answer: software
    if i google this .then answer showes that firmware
    am i right

  14. Question 198.Which of the following memories normally has highest storage capacity?
    ि नꗙ旜िल�खत मﯢ뾉 से िकस मे मो री मﯢ뾉 सबसे अि धक ᏾ो र े ज क े पे िसटी हो ती है ?
    a) magnetic disk
    मे 洿쇏े ि टक िडᓠẲ
    b) magnetic tape
    मे 洿쇏े ि टक ट े प
    c) semiconductor memory
    से मीक ं डर मे मो री
    d) core memory
    को र मे मो री
    Correct Answer: semiconductor memory
    से मीक ं डर मे मो र

    what will we right answer

  15. Sir my name is HARSHAL I just mailed u..25 afternoon session please check 32,34,35,37,50,53,58,63,77,82,93,100,123,135,144,157,158,160,161,166,173,174,175,181,184,186,188,199,200 this questions.

  16. Sir are u filling objection form of 25 th sep morning shift or not?? You have already said earlier that i will do. if u are doing Sir plz provide us all objected question. I will be thankful for this

    1. i am working on your shift but i will not able to fill objection because i am not a candidate and only i will publish a correct and incorrect answers keys by this you should fill objection.

  17. Question 159.A thermistor exhibits ____________

    a) only a negative change of resistance with increase in temperature
    क े वल ता प वृ �ᡗ೩ क े सा थ 꺓匑ि तरो ध मﯢ뾉 ऋणा㷪鋱क बदला व
    b) only positive change of resistance with increase in temperature

    c) can exhibit either a negative or positive change of resistance with increase in temperature depending on the type of material used

    d) none of these

    Correct Answer: can exhibit either a negative or positive change of resistance with increase in temperature depending on the type of material used

    sir on google and in one book shows that thermister exibit a -ve temp cofficient
    according to u what will be correct

  18. Question 72.The internal resistance of a lead acid cell is mainly due to
    a) positive plates
    b) negative plates
    c) both positive and negative plates
    d) electrolyte
    Correct Answer: both positive and negative plates

    sir, please verify whether the given ans is correct or not.
    thank you sir

  19. 98.NAND Gate is equal to
    a) NOR gate with negated output
    b) NOR gate with negated input
    c) AND gate with negated input
    d) None of these
    Correct Answer: NOR gate with negated input per caluclation none of the aboue ??whats the answer sir?

    1. yes because NAND is negative of AND suppose A and B is two input and take negative now that means bubble or complement of A and B IS A^ and B^ now take AND it is A^.B^ it is NAND output

  20. Question 102.The central processing unit of a digital computer consists of
    a) main memory
    b) arithmetic and logic unit
    c) count unit
    d) all
    Correct Answer: arithmetic and logic unit
    my answer is ALL ?

    1. all is not right because option c is also there and some books only given AU AND LU is part of CPU.They have not included my view you can fill objection with wrong
      que because memory is also in option

  21. 133.The modulation index of an AM wave is changed from 0 to 1. The transmitted power is
    a) Unchanged
    b) Halved
    c) Doubled
    d) increased by 50%
    Correct Answer: Doubled
    how it is doubled it incresed only 50%.?whats correct answer sir?

  22. 148.Inverter us a circuit which transforms
    a) AC to DC
    b) DC to AC
    c) AC to Ac
    d) DC to DC
    Correct Answer: AC to DC
    in our home inverter dc to ac converts ?give me correct answer sir??

  23. 199.Assembler converts
    a) Assembly language to machine code
    b) machine code to assembly language
    c) source code to object code
    d) None of these
    Correct Answer: machine code to assembly language
    my answer is A)assembly language to machine code??
    sir clarify it??

    1. right 'An assembler translates assembly language into machine code. Assembly language is a low-level language written in mnemonics that closely reflects the operations of the CPU.

  24. I request you to provide me the correct answers of 28/sep/2016 morning slot.
    I am extremely thankfull for your's valuable guidance and i sincerely request you to provide me the correct answer key …waiting for your response. I hv mailed you the key..plz check

  25. sir, please have a look at 28th sep evening shift answer key ,i have already mailed u..& please reply with correct answer for wrong answers given in answer key at the earliest..

    1. sir there is a difference btw a basic and a commonly used instrument, i think voltmeter is correct bcz we can convert a voltmeter into ammeter to measure current also

  26. Sir Please help me with your answer

    Ans for the below questn which was asked in 29th mrg shift.
    10.After introducing himself briefly,Mr.Singh went on __________ information on how ________our market through effective advertising strategy.

    a) to give/to expand
    b) giving/to expand
    c) being given / to expand
    d) having given/having expanded

    1. wrong ans,SYNONYM FOR MAWKISH -sentimental, over-sentimental, overemotional, cloying, sickly, saccharine, sugary, syrupy, sickening, nauseating, maudlin, lachrymose, banal, trite;
      informalmushy, slushy, sloppy, schmaltzy, weepy, cutesy, lovey-dovey, gooey, drippy, sloshy, soupy, treacly, cheesy, corny, icky, sick-making, toe-curling;
      informalcornball, sappy, hokey, three-hanky

    1. you have low chance but wait for result we are predicting cut off on basis of previous cut off and no of post,but it may be chance it is totally depend on how was others candidate exam and how many marks they are getting.

    1. no of post is very lees also your marks is low,never lose your hope no can able to predict exact cut off,i have predicted 110 marks for sc but it maybe decrease or increase so wait for result.

    1. according to BSNL provisional ans key notification 3 working days after last query submission date,for JE last date was 28 but there was holidays of diwali now it is ended so result will come on any days of this week.

    1. They have updated the answer key.I have sent them queries with proof…but still i think 2,3 answers are wrong..what is the next can i submit another query?

  27. A very good decision taken by honourable prime minister Mr.Narendra Modi , that is 500/-and 1000/- rupee notes are illegal tender.
    As it is a good decision which also effect our result too because any kind scam need money and also in huge so pray to God for our selection and thanks to Mr.Modi for taking the markable decision.

  28. Sir
    Bsnl released revised answer key but still 15 questions remain uncorrect in 29th mroning paper.Why they are playing with us like this?We are helpless Sir,Wat we have to do?

  29. sir i have qualified from NE_1 circle and i got marks 120.75 i want to ask about documentation verification, they are mention in notification for document verification w.r.t concerns Circle what is concern circle HQ for NE_1

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