SSC JE Electrical Important MCQ Part 5

SSC JE Electrical Important MCQ PDF Part 5

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1.What is the expansion of DPIC switch

A) Digital Pole Iron Clad Switch

B) Double Pole Iron Clad Switch

C) Double Phase Induction Core Switch

D) Dual Phase Iron Clad Switch

Answer  : B (DPIC stands for Double Pole Iron Clad Switch)

2.The number of magnetic starter poles refer to the

A) Number of north poles

B) Number of control contacts

C) Number of south poles

D) Number of power load contacts

Answer  : D (The number of poles refers to the number of power contacts determined by the electrical supply service. E.g., in a three-phase, three-wire system, a three-pole starter is required)

3.If an alternator winding has a fractional pitch of 5/6, the coil span is _______ degrees.

A) 180

B) 60

C) 300

D) 150

Answer  : D (Coil spam=180⁰×5/6=150⁰)

4.Ammeter should always have a

A) Low resistance

B) High voltage

C) Low voltage

D) High resistance

Answer  : A

5.Reverse Power flow relays are used for the protection of _______

A) Generating stations

B) Transmission stations

C) Transformers

D) Domestic power supplies

Answer : A (Reverse Power Relay is a directional protective relay that prevents/protect the generator from motoring effect (going to reverse direction). It is used where generator runs in parallel with other utility or generator)

6.Which of the following wiring systems is normally used in domestic purposes

A) Lead Sheathed

B) Conduit

C) Batten

D) Capping

Answer  : B (Conduit wiring system mostly used in residential and light-commercial wiring systems, including common applications)

7.Which of the following types of wiring are aesthetically appealing

A) Conduit concealed wiring

B) Batten wiring

C) Cleat wiring

D) Conduit surface wiring

Answer  : A (Concealed Conduit Electrical Wiring systems are the most popular, aesthetically appealing, and most common type of House Electrical wiring used)

8.What is the average power of an AC circuit

A) VI Sin²Φ

B) VI CosΦ

C) VI SinΦ

D) Zero

Answer  : B

9.The knee voltage for a germanium diode is

A) 0.3 V

B) 0.1 V

C) 0.7 V

D) 0.8 V

Answer  : A (The value of knee voltage for silicon diode is 0.7 V and for germanium diode 0.3 V)

10.The minimum number of diodes needed for a bridge rectifier is

A) Five

B) Four

C) Two

D) Six

Answer  : B

11.Why are batteries connected in parallel

A) To increase the efficiency

B) To increase the current capacity

C) To increase the voltage rating

D) To increase the life of the batteries

Answer  : B

12.A winding which has equal number of slots and poles is called

A) Full pitch winding

B) Concentrated winding

C) Short pitch winding

D) Distributed winding

Answer : B (Concentrated winding:Concentrated winding is employed where number of slots on the armature is equal to number of poles in the machine)

13.A semiconductor device which acts like a diode and two transistors is





Answer  : B (The triac is similar in operation to two transistor connceted in reverse parallel but using a common gate. The triac can conduct in both direction)

14.The Tellegen’s theorem can be applied to

A) Passive & active networks

B) All of these

C) Hysteric and non-hysteric networks

D) Linear & non-linear networks

Answer : B

15.The connection of a Zener diode in a circuit is always

A) Positively biased

B) Reverse biased

C) In series

D) Forward biased

Answer : B

16.Induction motor works on the principle of

A) Chemical effect

B) Heating effect

C) Electromagnetic induction

D) Electrostatic effect

Answer : C

17.What is the length of a 40 watt tube

A) 0.6 m

B) 1.5 m

C) 2 m

D) 1.2 m

Answer : D (20 watt-2 ft (610 mm),40 watt-4 ft (1219 mm))

18.A circuit breaker normally operates

A) Whenever a fault occurs in the line

B) When the power is to be supplied

C) When the switch is to be put on

D) When the line is to be tested

Answer : A

19.Solder is an alloy of

A) Lead and copper

B) Lead and silver

C) Lead and tin

D) Lead and sodium

Answer : C

20.According to weber’s molecular theory of magnetism, when a magnetic material is magnetised,its molecules are forced along a __________.

A) Parallel line

B) Straight line

C) Circular line

D) Spherical line

Answer : B (According to Weber’s Molecular Theory of magnetism, when a magnetic material is magnetised, its molecules are forced along a straight line)

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