SSC JE Electrical Important MCQ Part 3

SSC JE Electrical Important MCQ PDF Part 3

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1.If one of the parallel resistors in any parallel circuit is removed from the circuit, then the total resistance

A) Doubled

B) Increases

C) Remains the same

D) Decreases

Answer : B

2.AC servomotor is basically a _______

A) Single-phase induction motor

B) Three-phase induction motor

C) Universal motor

D) Two-phase induction motor

Answer : D

3.In a three-phase unbalanced load, the power factor of each phase is

A) Of opposite signs

B) Of such value that the sum total is unity

C) Difficult to determine

D) Different

Answer : D

4.Which of the following devices is primarily used as resistive temperature sensors and current limiting devices

A) NTC thermistor

B) Rheostat

C) Light dependent resistor

D) Preset resistor

Answer : A

5.Channel wiring material is made of _______

A) Rubber

B) Metal


D) Wood

Answer : C ( Wiring channels are made of high grade PVC materials.PVC enclosures are widely used in electrical wiring systems of domestic and commercial buildings)

6.The colour of the moist silica gel is

A) Brown

B) Yellow

C) Pink

D) Red

Answer : C (Ready to use silica gel is blue in colour. When the silica gel has soaked up a lot of moisture, the silica gel turns to pink. Once the silica gel turns pink it cannot adsorb any more moisture)

7.Which of the following errors occur(s) in a moving iron instrument

A) Stray magnetic field error

B) Hysteresis error

C) All of these

D) Temperature error

Answer : C

8.Megger is a combination of

A) Generator

B) Motor

C) Generator and Ohmmeter

D) Both motor and generator

Answer : C (Megger is the combination of Ohm meter+Generator.This instrument used for measure the high value resistance (IR value)

9._____________ theorem is applicable to both linear and nonlinear circuits.

A) Norton’s

B) Substitution

C) Thevenin’s

D) Superposition

Answer : B (Substitution theorem states that any branch in a network can be substituted by a different branch without disturbing the currents and voltages in the whole network provided the new branch has the same set of terminal voltages and current as the original branch. Substitution theorem can be used in both linear and nonlinear circuits)

10.______________ wiring(s) is/are used to draw TRS cables on teak wood.

A) Lead sheathed


C) Cleat

D) Batten

Answer : D (In Batten Wiring System wooden batten is used. All the cables wiring are installed on the smooth batten with steel clips and steel clips are installed on the surface of batten to equal The wooden batten is installed on the walls of the with the help of 1.5 inch screws)

11.___________ is a circuit, which converts an AC voltage into a pulsating DC voltage using both half cycles of the applied AC voltage.



C) Full wave rectifier

D) Half wave rectifier

Answer : C

12.Which of the following excitation systems have two exciters – the main exciter and a pilot exciter

A) Stator

B) Rotor


D) Static

Answer : C (In dc excitation system, the system has two exciters—the main exciter (a separately excited dc generator providing the field current to the alternator) and a pilot exciter (a compound wound self-excited dc generator providing the field current to the main exciter))

13.Joule’s heating effect is undesirable on

A) Electric iron

B) Electric heater

C) Electric toaster

D) Transformers

Answer : D

14.Crawling in an induction motor is caused by

A) Harmonics developed in the motor

B) Low voltage supply

C) High loads

D) Improper design of the machine

Answer : A

15.Windings of star-delta starter while starting and during running are connected in __________connection.

A) Delta and star

B) Star and star

C) Delta and delta

D) Star and delta

Answer : A

16.A shunt generator running at 1000 RPM has generated EMF of 100 V. If the speed increases to 1200 RPM, then the generated EMF will be

A) 120 V

B) 240 V

C) 175 V

D) 140 V

Answer : A (E2/E1=N2/N1 Or E2/100=1200/1000 So E2=120 V)

17.If three 10 μF capacitors are connected in series, then the value of equivalent capacitance is

A) 3.33 μF

B) 1.33 μF

C) 1.66 μF

D) 0.3 μF

Answer : A (1/C=1/10+1/10+1/10 Or C=10/3=3.33 μF)

18.Q meter works on principle of

A) Self inductance

B) Parallel resonance

C) Mutual inductance

D) Series resonance

Answer : D

19.A fuse operates due to the _______ effect of electric current.

A) Electrostatic

B) Heating

C) Magnetic

D) Chemical

Answer : B

20.The point at which load line intersects IB(sat) (saturation value of base current) is called

A) Cut off point

B) Quiescent point

C) Breakdown point

D) Saturation point

Answer : D (The point where the load line intersects the IB = IB(sat) curve is called saturation)

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