UPPCL JE Electrical Syllabus,Exam Pattern & Selection Process 2019

UPPCL JE Electrical Syllabus,Exam Pattern & Selection Process 2019

UPPCL Have released notification for UPPCL JE Electrical 2019 recruitment ,To provide help to JE aspirant here we are providing some important information related to UPPCL JE recruitment.

Selection Process-1.Selection Process will be based on written Test only.

2.Candidates who obtain less than 30 % marks will be rejected for further process of selection,The merit list shall be prepared on the basis of the marks obtained in the CBT.

3.Candidate will be called for Document Verification,2 Times of vacancy on basis of CBT exam merit.

Exam Pattern-

Total Time-3 Hours

Total Marks-200

Total Questions-200

Part 1-Technical Knowledge(Electrical)-150 questions shall be from the Diploma level Engineering

Part 2-Reasoning-20 questions

Part 3-General Knowledge/Awareness-20 questions

Part 4-General Hindi-10 questions

Negative Marking-Each correct answer shall carry one mark each and each wrong answer shall carry additional negative mark of 0.25 (1/4Marks).


Part 1-Technical Knowledge(Electrical)

EM Theory Electric and magnetic fields: Gauss’s Law and Amperes Law. Fields in dielectrics, conductors and magnetic materials. Maxwell’s equations Time varying fields. Plane-Wave propagating in dielectric and conducting media. Transmission lines.

Electrical Materials: Band Theory, Conductors, Semi-conductors and insulators. Super-conductivity. insulators for electrical and electronic applications. Magnetic materials. Ferro and ferri magnetism. Ceramics, Properties and applications. Hall effect and its applications. Special semi conductors.

Electrical Circuits: Circuits elements. Kirchhoff Laws. Mesh and nodal analysis. Network Theorems and applications.Resonant circuits. Three phase circuits .Two port networks. Elements of two-element network synthesis.

Measurements and Instrumentation: Units and Standards. Error analysis, measurement of current, Voltage, power, Power-factor and energy.indicating instruments. Measurement of resistance, inductance, Capacitance and frequency. Bridge measurements . Electronic measuring instruments. instrument transformers,Digital voltmeters and multi meters, phase, time and frequency measurement,Q-meters,Transducers and their applications to the measurement of nonelectrical quantities like temperature,pressure, flow-rate displacement,acceleration,noise level etc., Data acquisition systems ,A/D and D/A converters.

Electrical Machines and Power Transformer: Magnetic Circuits– Analysis and Design of Power transformers. Construction and testing. Equivalent circuits. Losses and efficiency. Regulation. Auto transformer, 3-phase transformer. Parallel operation.Basic concepts in rotating machines. EMF, torque, basic machine types. Construction and operation,leakage losses and efficiency. D.C. Machines.Construction, Excitation methods. Circuit models Armature reaction and commutation.Characteristics and performance analysis. Generators and motors. Starting and speed control. Testing, Losses and efficiency. Synchronous Machines. Construction. Circuit model. Operating characteristics and performance analysis. Synchronous reactance. Efficiency. Voltage regulation.Salient-pole machine, Parallel operation Hunting. Short circuit transients. induction Machines. Construction. Principle of operation.Rotating fields. Characteristics and performance analysis. Determination of circuit model. Circle diagram. Starting and speed control. Fractional KW motors. Single-phase synchronous and induction motors.

Power systems:Types of Power Stations, Hydro, Thermal and Nuclear Stations. Pumped storage plants. Economics and operating factors. Power transmission lines-Modeling and performance characteristics.Voltage control. cable performance, Insulation; corona and radio interference; distribution systems, bus impedance and admittance matrices; power factor correction; ; principles of over-current, differential and distance protection;solid state relays and digital protection; crrcuit breakers; Load flow studies.Optimal power system operation. Load frequency control Symmetrical short circuit analysis. Z-Bus formulation. Symmetrical Components. Per Unit representation. Fault
analysis. Transient and steady-state stability of power systems. swing curves and equal area criterion. Power system Transients. Power system Protection,Circuit breakers. Relays. HVDC transmission and FACTS concepts.

Power system protection: Switch gear methods of Arc Extinction, Re-striking and recovery voltage, testing of circuit breakers,Protective relays,protective schemes for power system equipment C.T. and P.T. surges in transmission lines and protection. Analog and Digital Computation.

Power Electronics:Power Semiconductor devices. Thyristor, Power transistor, GTOs and MOSFETs, Characteristics and operation.AC to DC Converters, 1-phase and 3-phase DC to DC Converters, AC regulators,Thyristor controlled reactors; switched capacitor networks. lnverters; single-phase and 3-phase. Pulse width modulation. Sinusoidal modulation with uniform sampling. Switched mode power supplies.

Analog Electronics: Electrons and holes in semiconductors, Carrier Statistics, Mechanism of current flow in a semiconductor, Hall effect, Junction theory; Different types of diodes and their characteristics; Bipolar Junction transistor; Field effect transistors; Power switching devices like SCRs, CTOs, power MOSFETs

Digital Electronics : Number system,Transistor as a switching element; Boolean algebra, simplification of Boolean functions,lC Logic gates and their characteristics,Half adder,Full adder,Multiplexer Demultiplexer

Part 2-Reasoning

(1)  Series Completion
(2)  Blood Relations
(3)  Classification
(4)  Puzzle Test
(5)  Analogy
(6)  Direction Sense Test
(7)  Coding-Decoding
(8)  Logical Venn Diagram
(9)  Paper Cutting/Figure Association
(10) Time Test

Part 3-General Knowledge/Awareness

(1)  Geography of India
(2)  History of India
(3)  Indian Polity
(4)  Indian Economy
(6)  General Science
(7)  Old General Knowledge
(8)  Current Affairs

Current Affairs

(1)  Persons in News
(2)  International Organizations
(3)  Games & Events
(4)  Awards & Honours
(5)  Books & Authors
(6)  Science & Technology
(7)  Defence & Security
(8)  Economic Affairs
(9)  National News
(10)  International News

Part 4- General Hindi

(1) संधि एवं संधि विच्छेद
(2) समास
(3) उपसर्ग
(4) पर्यायवाची शब्द
(5) विलोम शब्द
(6) युग्म शब्द
(7) शब्द शुद्धि
(8) वाक्य शुद्धि
(9) वाच्य
(10) क्रिया
(11) अनेक शब्दों के लिए एक शब्द
(12) मुहावरे

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