RRB JE CBT First 28th May To 29th May Asked Questions

RRB JE CBT First 28th May To 29th May Asked Questions

General Knowledge Questions

The number of satellite launched through PSLV- C42- Two (NovaSAR and S1-4)

First Ranjhi trophy played-4 November 1934

Vijay Hazaare trophy is related to which sports-Cricket

“Beat Plastic Solution” was the Theme of which year’s World Environment Day”-2018

Khatak is the folk dance of which state-Uttar Pradesh

Governor of RBI-Shaktikanta Das

Sportsman of the year 2017-Usain Bolt

Name the Indian station established in Antarctica-Bharati

Minimum age of president-35 Years

President and cabinet ministers are responsible for-Parliament

Which river is called south Ganga-Godavari

Dandi yatra is related to- Salt

ICC Test World Championship Host-England

Most goals in FIFA, player name-Harry Kane-England-6 Goals

Right to freedom is mentioned in which article-Article 19-22

Winner of Padma Vibhushan 2019-Balwant Moreshwar Purandare, Teejan Bai, Anil Manibhai Naik, Ismaïl Omar Guelleh

Asian cricket cup 2018 was held in which country-UAE

Which country won maximum Hockey world cup finals-Pakistan

Akbar took the title of Ghazi after fighting which battle- Second Battle of Panipat in 1556

“Dandiya” is played on which festival-Navratri

Which rivers originate from the Aravali Range- Luni River

The longest-serving Prime Minister of India-Jawahar lal Nehru

General Science Questions

Unit of wave velocity- Deters per second

Thrombosis affects which organ-Calf,foot or leg

In order to form the same size image as of the object where to place it-At 2F

C3H8 is the chemical formula of-Propane

What is the property under which metals can be converted into thin sheets-Malleability

Deficiency of Vitamin K-Bleeding

Is not a Periodic Property- Radioactivity

Chemical Name of Vitamin A-Retinol

Which gas is released when metal reacts with NaOH-Hydrogen gas

“beriberi” is caused by the deficiency of which of the following- Vitamin B-1

Which of the following is a seedless fruit-Banana, Pineapple, Coconut

Is a ionic-NaCl

Cobalt 60 is used for the treatment of which diseases-Cancer

Night Blindness is caused by-Vitamin A

Sun energy is produced from-Nuclear fusion

Property of graphite-High melting point,

Symbol of sulfur-S

Definition of Archimedes law-The upward buoyant force that is exerted on a body immersed in a fluid, whether fully or partially submerged, is equal to the weight of the fluid that the body displaces and acts in the upward direction at the center of mass of the displaced fluid

Voltage-current ratio formula-Resistance

Plaster of Paris formula-CaSO4.1/2H2O

Smallest metal in size-Helium

Which pollutant is present in Jet fuel-Nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

The bird which has the smallest egg-Vervain hummingbird

In our body which of the following is found in the maximum percentage-Oxygen

The spinal cord is also called as-Cord

The number of chromosomes in the body-23 pairs or 46

Why needle float in water-Surface tension

How many electrons are there in the 2nd group-8

How to measure the voltage-Digital multimeter

The intensity of light is maximum for which part of the eye-Cones

Mathematics Questions

a:b=x , b:c = y , Find a:b:c?

Change 17 km/hr into m/sec.

If A+B =90 root tan A * tan B + Tan A cot B / sin A sin B

5/8=x%, then find the value of x?

x=root 2 + 1 whole power -1/3 find x3-1/x3?

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