RRB JE CBT First 26th May To 27th May Asked Questions

RRB JE CBT First 26th May To 27th May Asked Questions

General Knowledge Questions

1st Indian to cross the English Channel-Mihir Sen

Edutech company got Next Billion Edtech Prize 2019-UK-based Varkey Foundation

Chinese traveler came to Nalanda University-Xuanzang

Diamond mines in India-Madhya Pradesh

Deepika Kumari is related to-Archery

Fifa world cup is organized after every ____ Years-4

Who was the first Indian to reach the finals of an Olympic athletic event- Milkha Singh

What do the Olympic rings represent-Five continents of the world, united by Olympism

Motive of Girl Child Act 2019-Empowering Girls for a Brighter Tomorrow

Name of Air to surface missile launched by india-BrahMos

Where is Forest Research Institute (FRI) – Dehradun

Siralankan satellite Raavana -1 was launched in which month-April 2019

Which state is situated on the bank of Gomti river-Lucknow

Which city won “Swach Sarvekshan Award” Tile in India 3 times in row-Indore

Narmada Bachao Andolan was held in which year-1989

Niti Ayog was held in which year-January 1, 2015

Snake water Boat race held in which state-Kerala

Theme of “World Environment Day 2019”-Air pollution

Maharashta Folk Dance-Lavani

Lucknow Pact was signed between-Congress and the Muslim League

Author of “systema naturae”-Carl Linnaeus

World water day is celebrated-22 March

Fraternity & Equality was taken from which country’s Constitution-French

General Science Questions

Which part of eye is caused for refraction of light-Cornea

Which Enzyme is present in Gastric Juice-Pepsin

The metal used in the iron rod-Nonferrous metals

Which Part of the human body is 23 feet long-Small intestine

Rutherford model didn’t explain-Why negatively charged electrons remain in orbit

Moving from top to bottom in a group atomic size increases or decreases-Increases

Elements Present in 3rd period of the periodic table-Eight elements: sodium, magnesium, aluminium, silicon, phosphorus, sulfur, chlorine, and argon

The concentration of the acid solution is neutralized by which base-NaOH

1st element in the periodic table-Hydrogen

Oxides of non metals are-Acid

Which mineral cause blood clotting-Magnesium

Strongest bone–Thigh bone

Which is infectious–Viral

SI unit of current-Ampere

Water borne diseases…Cholera

Sponge in biology is-Animals

Effect on Current when resistance increases-Decrease

If we go downward in group in periodic table, Alkalinity of an element-Decrease

Refractive Index formula-n1 × sin(θ1) = n2 × sin(θ2)

Modern periodic table was given by-Moseley

Which of the following change litmus paper colour from blue to red- Acidic

Electron affinity in a Group-Electron affinity decreases down the groups

Who proposed ‘Origin of Species’-Darwin

ECG is used for-Records the heart’s rhythm and activity

On going down the Periodic Table, Electonegativity-Decreases

Goitre disease caused due to which Iodine

CnH2n-2, If n=1, then name alkaline-methane

If frequency is 50, then find the value of wavelength-  λ=velocity or speed of light*frequency

Arrange the Refractive indexes of light – Glass, water, air.

Scientific Name of Vitamin B3-Niacin

Mathematics Questions

If sinx + sin^2 x =1 then find cos^2 x + cos^4 x

Daughters age is 1/4 th father’s age. After five years her agge will be 1/3 rd to her father age. Find the ratio of her age to her father after further 5 years.

Convert 0.23(bar 23) in fraction

Find 4+44+444+4444+4444

S.I. of 2 years = 360, C.I. of 2 years = 393.36, find their rate?

sin55 + cos55 =?

2 train crosses pole 10 sec & 15 sec respectively  Length of train= 120 m. Then find the time at which both train crossed in opposite direction

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