RRB JE CBT First 24th May To 26th May Asked Questions

RRB JE CBT First 24th May To 26th May Asked Questions

RB JE 2019 CBT First have started On 22nd May ,On basis of students feedback who have attempted 24th May To 26th May Exam,Here we are providing questions

Note-RRB Wise different set given to each candidate.

General Knowledge Questions

Indian Cricketer who completed his first test century-Lala Amarnath (1933,118 Runs Against England in Bombay

Which type satellite is Rustam-2-Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)

President Ramnath Kovind has been honored with which award by Croatia-Grand Order of the King of Tomislav

Taj Mahal lies on the bank of which river-Yamuna river

Capital of States Punjab and Haryana-Chandigarh

Union Territory comes in which part of our constitution-Part VIII

Who has been conferred with Padamvibhusan Award 2019-Illaiyaraja – Art-Music,Ghulam Mustafa Khan – Art-Music,P Parameswaran- Literature and Education

Emperors was called Alamgir-Aurangzeb

Novak Djokovic belongs to which Country-Serbia

Chief Minister of Goa-Pramod Sawant

Capital of Nepal-Kathmandu

First Indian to go to Space-Rakesh Sharma

What has been described in Article 336-Special provision for Anglo-Indian community in certain services

What is the tenure of a State Governor-Five years

First satellite sent to Space-Sputnik

When is National Sports Day celebrated- 29th August

Where is Pink City located-Jaipur

Captain of Indian Hockey Team-Manpreet Singh Pawar

Winner  of Vijay hazare Trophy 2018-Mumbai

Chanakya was associated with which king-Chandragupta

Thomas Cup is related to sport-Badminton

BRICS country-Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa

State has the largest coastal area-Gujarat

Half moon occurs how many times in a month-2

Who inaugurated Bridge Over Diphu (Chipu) River-Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman

Sabarmati river originates from which state-Aravalli Range of the Udaipur

Full form of NASA-National Aeronautics and Space Administration

The President of the United Nations General Assembly-María Fernanda Espinosa Garcés of Ecuador

Onam festival is celebrated in which state-Kerala

General Science Questions

What is the pH value of Blood-7.35 to 7.45

Shape of Bacillus Bacteria-Rod shaped

Vitamin C is found in-Vegetables and fruits

Pupil is the part of which organ of human body-Eyes

BaCl2 + NaOH is an example of-Combustion & Oxidation

Where is Thyroid Gland located in Human body- Neck

Jaundice disease affects which part of the body-liver

Where are Non-metals located in Periodic Table-Groups 14-16

Formula of Current-I=Q/t

Which lens is contained in Human eye-Convex lens

Chemical name of bleaching power-Calcium hypochlorite

Medical instrument in which a needle is used for indication-Surgical needle holder

Alcohols is used for medical treatment-Ethanol

Which part of ear sense vibration-Eardrum

What is LPG-Liquefied petroleum gas or liquid petroleum gas

When sound travel from rarer to denser-Fast

Study of animals – Zoologist

Wnit of Frequency-Hertz

Longest Bone in the body-Femur

Neutron is Discovered by-James Chadwick

Insulin Maintains Levels of- Blood Glucose Levels

First element Of the Alkali group-Lithium (Li)

Joule/coulomb is the unit of-Potential difference

Cataract affects which part of the eye-Lens

Work per unit charge is a unit of-Potential difference

Electricians wear gloves why-Prevent shock.

Vitamins used to cure a common cold-Vitamin C

Strongest Bone-Strongest bone

Source of solar energy-Sun

Ammeter measures which type of current-Direct or alternating electric current

Distance between pole and focus is called- Focal length.

Which animal Breathes from skin-Earthworms and amphibians, such as frog

LPG has which gas-Propane, propylene, butane, and butylene

T=0.2s, Find Frequency-1/0.2=5 Hertz

Mass of Body on earth is 60 kg then mass on the moon is-60 kg

Perfume’s smell travels to human nose through which process- Cranial nerve

SI unit of Power-Watt

Symbol Of wavelength-Lambda” (λ)

Mathematics Questions

If 2 goods are at bought at Re.1 and sold at Re.1. Find Loss percent.


cot A= 4/9. Find CosA -Sin A/CosA + SinA

If TanA=1/2, TanB=1/3, then find the value of A/B=?

RRB JE CBT First 26th May To 27th May Asked Questions
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