RRB JE CBT First 24th May 1st & 2nd Shift Asked Questions

RRB JE CBT First 24th May 1st & 2nd Shift Asked Questions

RB JE 2019 CBT First have started On 22nd May ,On basis of students feedback who have attempted 24th May 1st & 2nd Shift here we are providing 24th May 1st & 2nd Shift question.

Note-RRB Wise different set given to each candidate.

General Knowledge Questions

Mrinal sen who is-Indian Bengali filmmaker

Do or die related to which movement-Quit India Movement

Special Olympic was held in-July 20, 1968 in Chicago

The second President of India-Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

Pink city is-Jaipur

RAVANA-1 satellite of -Sri Lankan

Extreme Eastern state of India-Arunachal Pradesh

First Common Wealth Game-1930 in Hamilton, Canada

Which medal Russia gave to PM Modi-Order of St Andrew the Apostle(2019)

Fed cup is related to-Women’s tennis

Virat Kohali and Mirabai Chanu got khel ratna for -Cricket and Weightlifting

General Science Questions

What is the SI unit of power- Watt

Atomic number of elements define which-Gas is inert gas

Stomata related to-Chlorophyll

Ozone depletion causes due to which gas-Chlorine or bromine

Symbols of element defined in chemistry by – IUPAC

What is the SI unit of Weight-Newton.

“The ratio of sine of angle of incidence to the sine of angle of refraction for a given colour and given pair of medium is constant” is law of-Snell’s law

Name of C3H8-Propane

Whooping cough is-Bacterial infection

Legs swell disease-Peripheral edema

Which disease occurred due to Deficiency of Vitamin C-Scurvy

Basic substance in phenolphthalein solution-C20H14O4

Ionization potential maximum for-Fluorine

Smog is caused by-Peroxynitrite

Why Red light used in signal-Red light is scattered the least by air molecules

What was the shape of orbit in Rutherford model-Circular

Plant make food with the help of -chlorophyll

General Reasoning Questions

Find the missing number- 2, 4, 11, 37, 153, ?

Count total number of rectangle in the figure.

Series- HZ, AA, NF, DK, HZ

Find the missing number- 4, 196, 36, 144, 64, ?

One Puzzle question

Mathematics Questions

5 times of a number is 3 less than the twice of its square. then number is

Average age of father is 24 years more than son. 2 years before father age is twice sons present age is

If 7+√2=x then x+1/x=?

Total value of 25000 after 2 years at the rate of 9.25%. What is simple interest

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