RRB JE CBT First 23rd May 2nd & 3rd Shift Asked Questions

RRB JE CBT First 23rd May 2nd & 3rd Shift Asked Questions

RB JE 2019 CBT First have started On 22nd May ,On basis of students feedback who have attempted 23rd May 2nd & 3rd Shift here we are providing 23rd May 2nd & 3rd Shift question.

Note-RRB Wise different set given to each candidate.

General Knowledge Questions

Sports in which playing with left hand is not allowed-Polo

Where is Ajanta Caves- Aurangabad (Maharashtra)

Who is Kerala Governor-Palanisamy Sathasivam

Kanishka belong to which dynasty-Kushan dynasty

1st Women president of UNO General Assembly-Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit in 1953

How many medals were won by India in Airgun Championship 2019-25 medals

Constitution adopted in acted on-26th November, 1949

Maximum runs in ODI scored by-Sachin Tendulkar 18426 runs

First Satellite launch by India-Aryabhata 1975

Rajghat Dam situated on which river-Betwa River

First Forign Coach of Indian Cricket Team-John Wright (2000–2005)

Wildlife sanctuary is used to preserve lion-Gir Forest

_______ denotes a phase in which loans are available at lower interest rate-Credit Cycle

What is the minimum voting age of men in India-18 Years

General Science Questions

Rate at which electric work is done is called-Electrical power

Which gas evolves when ethanol react with sodium-Hydrogen gas

Largest gland in the human body-Liver

What are rows and columns in a periodic table called-periods and groups or families

Cause of Amebiasis-Entamoeba histolytica

Sugarcane contains which of the following-Fructose and glucose

The process by which gases travel from higher to lower concentration is called-Diffusion

The statement: “Mass can neither be created nor destroyed” is based on which law of chemistry-Conservation of Mass

What causes beriberi-Vitamin B-1 deficiency

Why ores are roasted- Converting an ore into its oxide

Soap molecule has which of the following-Hydrophilic and hydrophobic

Gland active till puberty-Thymus gland

Molecule of oxygen contains how many atom-2

No. of green house gases-6 ( water vapor,ozone, carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide)

Disease by Dog Bite-Rabies

Neutrons are present in nucleus of all atom except-A normal hydrogen (H) atom does not have any neutrons in its tiny nucleus.

One question related to friction

One question related to Electric current

One question related to sound

Mathematics Questions

Mensuration-1-2 Questions

Simple Interest/Compound Interest-2-3 Questions

Trigonometry-4-5 Questions

Ratio & Proportion-1-2 Questions

Profit & Loss-1-2 Questions

Geometry-No Questions

LCM/HCF-1-2 Questions

Simplification-2 Questions

Time & Work-3-4 Questions

Time, Speed and Distance-2-3 Questions

Average-1 Questions

Others Topics-3-4 Questions

General Reasoning Questions

Letter/Number Series-2-3 Questions

Coding & Decoding-5-6 Questions

Venn Diagram-2-3 Questions

Syllogism-1-2 Questions

Statement & Conclusion-1-2 Questions

Missing Number Series-2 Questions

Syllogism-1-2 Questions

Sitting Arrangement-2-3 Questions

Mathematical Operation-2-3 Questions

Analogy-1-3 Questions

Odd Man Out-1-3 Questions

Direction Sense-1-2 Questions

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RRB JE CBT First 23rd May 1st Shift Asked Questions

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