RRB JE CBT First 23rd May 1st Shift Asked Questions

RRB JE CBT First 23rd May 1st Shift Asked Questions

RRB JE 2019 CBT First have started On 22nd May ,On basis of students feedback who have attempted 23rd May 1st Shift here we are providing 23rd May 1st Shift question.

Note-RRB Wise different set given to each candidate.

General Knowledge Questions

Which act introduced the post of Governor General- India Act 1858

Who got Bharat Ratan Award posthumously-Lal Bahadur Shastri

Battle of Khanva held in- Village of Khanwa, in Bharatpur District of Rajasthan, on March 16, 1527

BHU in which state-Uttar Pradesh

4 Rivers situated near which waterfall-Dudhsagar Falls

Youngest player to play in T-20 match-Meet Bhavsar(Kuwait)

Panchayati Raj system is not regulated in which of the following state/UT?Nagaland, Meghalaya,Mizoram and Delhi

Bharatnatyam originate from which state-Tamil Nadu

General Science Questions

Which of the following is the by-product of soap-Glycerol

Which disease is caused by mosquito bite-Yellow fever, malaria

Relation between frequency, speed and wavelength.-λν=c where λ is the wavelength, ν is the frequency and c is the speed of light.

Which Chromosome is responsible for babe boy- Male (XY)

Which disease is caused by deficiency of vitamin K-Bleeding or VKDB (also known as hemorrhagic disease of the newborn-

Which of the following disease is caused by virus-HIV/AIDS, smallpox, and Ebola.

Hardest part in human body-Tooth enamel

2 questions on resistance.

Value of R1, R2… is given. Find equivalent resistance

General Reasoning Questions

Letter/Number Series-2 Questions

Coding & Decoding-5 Questions

Venn Diagram-3 Questions

Syllogism-2 Questions

Statement & Conclusion-2 Questions

Missing Number Series-5 Questions

Syllogism-2 Questions

Sitting Arrangement-2 Questions

Mathematical Operation-2 Questions

Analogy-3 Questions

Odd Man Out-2 Questions

Direction Sense-2 Questions

Mathematics Questions

Mensuration-1 Questions

Simple Interest/Compound Interest-2 Questions

Trigonometry-3 Questions

Ratio & Proportion-1 Questions

Profit & Loss-5 Questions

Geometry-2 Questions

LCM/HCF-2 Questions

Simplification-2 Questions

Time & Work-3 Questions

Time, Speed and Distance-4 Questions

Average-1 Questions

Others Topics-5-6 Questions

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