E-Book Free Download B.L.T. Volume I Basic Electrical Engineering PDF

Basic electrical is a most important subject of electrical engineering,Now at present all PSUs are asking mostly questions from basic electrical,Recently I have followed many PSUs exam and found that if a candidate have command on basic of electrical then he can crack these exam easily.

On this basis here I am providing a best book of basic electrical,I am also following these books for teaching and blogging,If your basic electrical is weak then you should read this book once times at least.

Here I am uploading B.L.T. Volume I Basic Electrical Engineering PDF Books,Other remaining B.L.T volume II,III & IV will be upload shortly.

Features Of B.L.T. Basic Electrical Book-Here I am providing some features of this books which i have observed-

1.Easy to understand.

2.Full explanation of each topics with example.

3.Great collection of numerical example with explanation.

4.At ending of each chapter numerical type,objective type and theoretical type questions & answers have given,which have asked in various exam.

5.Mostly questions from this book have asked directly in many PSUs exam.

Volume I Basic Electrical Engineering


Total No of Pages-880

File Size-21 MB


PDF Quality-Excellent

Copy Right-All credit of this excellent book goes to writer and publication,I have only collected from various source and uploaded it here,If any person or publication have copy right issue with this upload then he can contact us,we will be remove it.

Content Of Book-Important content of this book is as following

Chapter 1-Electric current and Ohms law

Chapter 2-DC Network Theorems

Chapter 3-Work, Power and Energy

Chapter 4-Electrostatics

Chapter 5-Capacitance

Chapter 6-Magnetism and Electromagnetism

Chapter 7-Electromagnetic Induction

Chapter 8-Magnetic Hysteresis

Chapter 9-Electrochemical Power Sources

Chapter 10-Electrical Instruments and Measurements

Chapter 11-A.C. Fundamentals

Chapter 12-Complex Numbers

Chapter 13-Series A.C. Circuits

Chapter 14-Parallel A.C. Circuits

Chapter 15-A.C. Network Analysis

Chapter 16-A.C. Bridges

Chapter 17-A.C. Filter Networks

Chapter 18-Circle Diagrams

Chapter 19-Polyphase Circuits

Chapter 20-Harmonics

Chapter 21-Fourier Series

Chapter 22-Transients

Chapter 23-Symmetrical Components

Chapter 24-Introduction to Electrical Energy Generation

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