ONLINE MCQ EE AND ECE-Measurements and Instrumentation Part 18

1. ____ factor is the ratio of total flux to the useful flux in a magnetic circuit:
a) Form factor
b) Leakage
c) Utility
d) Dispersion

2. For eliminating the effect of earth capacitance from the bridge network we use:
a) Wagner’s earthing device
b) High voltage at low frequency
c) Low voltage at high frequency
d) Campbell-maxwell device

3. The most commonly used null deflector in a power frequency ac bridge is a:
a) Vibration galvanometer
b) D’Arsanval galvanometer
c) Ballistic galvanometer
d) Tachometer

4. For measuring emf of a standard cell we use:
a) Galvanometer
b) Potentiometer
c) Zener reference
d) Electro-dynamic voltmeter

5.Loss of charge method is used to measure:
a) Low R
b) High R
c) Low L
d) High L

6. Megger is an instrument used for the measurement of:
a) High resistance and insulation resistance
b) Medium resistance
c) Low resistance
d) Leakage current

7. Vibration reeds are employed in:
a) Frequency meter
b) Power factor meter
c) Synchroscope
d) Megger

8. Kelvin double bridge is best suited for the measurement of:
a) Inductance
b) Capacitance
c) Low resistance
d) High resistance

9. Introduction of dielectric:
a) Increases the capacitance
b) Reduces the breakdown voltage
c) Reduces the mechanical voltage
d) Increases the size of the capacitor

10. The material used to make standard resistance is:
a) Manganin
b) Aluminium
c) Nichrome
d) Platinum


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