Name the largest moon of Saturn ?

What is the common name of Solanum Lycopersicum ?

Which is the largest national forest of Alaska ?

Which is the strongest muscle in the body ?

Just like unique finger prints, what other unique feature do humans have ?

In which state in eastern India do people speak Kokborok and Bengali ?

Which country is known as “Sick Man of Europe” ?

Excluding current world cup, how many times has India won the Cricket World Cup ?

What is the motto of the European Union ?

What is the expanded form of UNICEF ?

Which country does Serena Williams represent ?

Name the Jamaican athlete who has won both 100m and 200m gold in two successive Olympics, 2008 and 2012.

Which memorial in Kolkata was built in memory of Queen Victoria by Lord Curzon ?

What was the Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus earlier known as ?

What is plastic that gets deformed on heating called ?

Which is the famous folk theatre of Kerala that represents the folk and tribal deities worshiped in various forms ?

Who discovered the light bulb ?

How many Football World Cups did Pele win ?

What are songs sung in regional dialects of Hindi such as Awadhi and Bhojpuri called ?

SBI PO- Prelims Exam Cutoff Details of 2016, 2015 & 2014


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