The Brahmaputra Delta is a tiger reserve. Name it ?

What is the common name of Helianthus annuus ?

Which is the Diamond City of Gujarat ?

Janet Evans is connected to which sport ?

In which sport will one hear the use of the term “Pen-hold grip” ?

Which Korean martial art was introduced as a demonstration sport at the Seoul Olympics ?

Name the very popular and traditional folk art form of Maharashtra where thousands of actors are involved ?

What are fast and rolling pace of Indian semi – classical music called ?

Which is the largest monastery located 10,00ft in Arunachal Pradesh ?

Name the important centre of Buddhist learning on River Indus
that was influenced by Persia, Greece and Central Asia from the 5th
century BC to the second century AD.

In which sport is the term “double fault” used ?

The Chennai Open is a tournament for which sport ?

Name the first Man-Made satellite

Name the Soviet space dog who became one of the first animals in space, and the first animal to orbit the Earth.

Name the traditional play from the state of Tamil Nadu that takes its theme from the epic ?

Which place is known as “the Land of the White Elephants” ?

Name the Great Indian Desert that covers the north wester part of India and some parts of Eastern Pakistan ?

The champion of which athletic event is considered the world’s fastest man ?

Which place is called The Blue Mountains ?

Till Independence, how many states covered the north east part of the country ?

CIVIL ENGINEERING (CE) ONLINE TEST-Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics Part 2

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