RRB Chandigarh Assistant Station Master {ASM} Exam was conducted on 21
March 2015
1. The governor of a state in India is responsible to–
(a) State Assembly (b) Lok Sabha (c) Prime Minister (d) President
(Ans : d)

2. The first woman to climb on Mount Everest was–
(a) Dikki Dolma (b) Bachendri Pal (c) Junko Tabei (d) Santosh Yadav
(Ans : c)

3. Which foreigner was given ‘Bharat Ratna’ in 1990?
(a) Nelson Mandela (b) Gorbachev (c) Margaret Thatcher (d) Bill Clinton
(Ans : a)

4. The year 1998 was declared. which International year ?
(a) Deprieved children (b) Handicapped (c) Sports (d) Ocean
(Ans : d)

5. Which among the following states in India has the lowest literacy rate among
(a) Tamil Nadu (b) Rajasthan (c) Gujarat (d) Bihar
(Ans : d)

6. What is the currency of Saudi Arabia?
(a) Dinar (b) Dollar (c) Rial (d) Rupiah
(Ans : c)

7. Which river forms its delta in Odisha?
(a) Mahanadi (b) Godavari (c) Narmada (d) Tapti
(Ans : a)

8. Which town amongst the following is not the capital of any country?
(a) The Hague (b) Mexico (c) London (d) New York
(Ans : d)

9. Amongst the following colours, which has the maximum wave-length?
(a) Yellow (b) Blue (c) Red (d) Green
(Ans : c)

10. Which amongst the following is used to focus the ray of the sun?
(a) Ordinary glass (b) Convex glass (c) Convex lens (d) Concave glass
(Ans : c)

11. Where was the third Centennary of Khalsa held?
(a) Anandpur Sahib (b) Amritsar (c) Chandigarh (d) Damdama Sahib
(Ans : a)

12. According to 1991 census how many females were there per 1000 males ?
(a) 972 (b) 950 (c) 929 (d) 919
(Ans : c)

13. Which amongst the following is called the eternal city of the world?
(a) Athens (b) Berlin (c) Cairo (d) Rome
(Ans : d)

14. Which amongst the following crop needs the maximum rain ?
(a) Sugar cane (b) Barley (c) Maize (d) Wheat
(Ans : a)

15. Where is the National Defence Academy located?
(a) Dehradoon (b) Kharakwasla (c) Kirkee (d) Chennai
(Ans : b)

16. Where is the Centre of Advanced Study established in 1965 located in India ?

(a) Chandigarh (b) New Delhi (c) Chennai (d) Shimla
(Ans : d)

17. In which state in India teak wood is found in large quantities?
(a) Rajasthan (b) Assam (c) Madhya Pradesh (d) Bihar
(Ans : c)

18. The first T.V. station was established in Delhi. Where was the second T.V.
Station established in 1972?
(a) Mumbai (b) Chennai (c) Kolkata (d) Lucknow
(Ans : a)

19. Which Industry amongst the following is more labour intensive?
(a) Iron and Steel (b) Cloth Industry (c) Petroleum (d) Automobile
(Ans : b)

20. Who founded Khalsa?
(a) Guru Nanak (b) Maharaja Ranjit Singh (c) Guru Hargobind (d) Guru Gobind
(Ans : d)

21. Due to the deficiency of which of the following, blood-deficiency is found
amongst males?
(a) Folic Acid (b) Vitamin A (c) Vitamin B-12 (d) None of these
(Ans : c)

22. Which amongst the following cars is the latest model to be launched by the
TATA company?
(a) Cielo (b) Sierra (c) Indica (d) Uno
(Ans : c)

23. Which amongst the following states is famous for its beautiful sea beach and
is a centre for tourist attraction?
(a) Gujarat (b) Goa (c) Tamil nadu (d) West Bengal
(Ans : b)

24. Which city was the capital of Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s Kingdom?
(a) Lahore (b) Amritsar (c) Ludhiana (d) Jammu
(Ans : a)

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