RRC South Eastern Railway (Bhubaneswar) Group ‘D’ Exam of
the year 2014 .
Which of the following is the lightest metal?
(a) Mercury (b) Silver (c) Lithium (d) Lead (Ans : c)

2. The number of points in a Mariner’s Compass is–
(a) 64 (b) 32 (c) 24 (d) 8 (Ans : b)

3. The average weight of human male brain is about–
(a) 1 kg (b) 1200 gms (c) 1350 gms (d) 1500 gms (Ans : d)

4. Ready source of energy available for athletes is–
(a) Carbohydrates (b) Fats (c) Proteins (d) Vitamins (Ans : a)

5. The main occupation of the people of the Indus Valley Civilization was
(a) Agriculture (b) Cattle rearing (c) Hunting (d) Trade (Ans : a)

6. Panchatantra was written by–
(a) Kalidasa (b) Vishnu Sharma (c) Tulsidas (d) Banabhatta (Ans : b)

7. Which of the following is the largest living mammal?
(a) Giraffe (b) White Elephant (c) Rhinoceros (d) Blue Whale (Ans : d)

8. The sweetest sugar is–
(a) Sucrose (b) Glucose (c) Fructose (d) Lactose (Ans : c)

9. Solar system was discovered by–
(a) Kepler (b) Galileo (c) Copernicus (d) Eratosthenes (Ans : c)

10. Geostationary orbit is at a height of–
(a) 6 km (b) 1000 km (c) 3600 km (d) 36000 km (Ans : d)

11. Which of the following is not a correct example of tropical cyclone?
(a) Tornadoes (b) Typhoons (c) Hurricanes (d) Nor’ Westers (Ans : d)

12. Which is the largest Gulf in the World?
(a) The Gulf of Cambay (b) The Gulf of Mexico (c) The Persian Gulf (d) The
Strait of Hormuz (Ans : b)

13. Khyber Pass is in–
(a) Bangladesh (b) Bhutan (c) India (d) Pakistan (Ans : d)

14. Which State has the largest coastline in India?
(a) Gujarat (b) Tamil Nadu (c) Karnataka (d) Andhra Pradesh (Ans : a)

15. Yellow Sea is located in
(a) U.S.S.R. (b) North Pacific Ocean (c) U.S.A. (d) North Atlantic Ocean Ans :

16. The Siachen Glacier is in–
(a) Jammu (b) Aksai Chin (c) Ladakh (d) Garhwal (Ans : c)

17. Which State has the largest number of sugar mills?
(a) Punjab (b) Haryana (c) Tamil Nadu (d) Uttar Pradesh (Ans : d)

18. The Indian Constitution was enforced on–
(a) 30th Jan, 1950 (b) 26th Jan, 1950 (c)15th Aug, 1947 (d) 26th Nov, 1949 Ans :

19. What is the minimum age for appointment as a Governor?
(a) 25 years (b) 30 years (c) 35 years (d) 40 years (Ans : c)

20. Who is known as the ‘Lady with the Lamp’ ?
(a) Iron of Arc (b) Sarojini Naidu (c) Indira Gandhi (d) Florence Nightingale
(Ans : d)

21. R. K. Laxman is a renowned
(a) Journalist (b) Writer (c) Cartoonist (d) None of these (Ans : c)

22. Nobel Prizes are given in how many fields?
(a) 5 (b) 6 (c) 7 (d) 8 (Ans : b)

23. With which game is the Agha Khan Cup associated?
(a) Football (b) Cricket (c) Basketball (d) Hockey (Ans : d)

24. The term ‘Duck’ is associated with–
(a) Soccer (b) Volleyball (c) Golf (d) Cricket (Ans : d)

25. Velocity of light was measured by–
(a) Romer (b) Newton (c) Galileo (d) Einstein (Ans : a)

26. The final of the Football World Cup 2014 was played between–
(a) Argentina and Germany (b) Brazil and Germany (c) Germany and Italy (d)
Argentina and Netherland (Ans : a)

27. Who claimed the Orange Cap in IPL-7 for scoring maximum runs?
(a) Glen Maxwell (b) Suresh Raina (c) Robin Uthappa (d) David Miller (Ans : c)

28. Who united all the Sikhs and founded a Kingdom in the Punjab?
(a) Guru Nanak (b) Guru Govind Singh (c) Guru Teg Bahadur (d) Maharaja Ranjit
Singh (Ans : d)

29. Which milk contains more fat?
(a) Cow (b) Buffalo (c) Camel (d) Reindeer (Ans : d)

30. For transfusion the ‘O’ blood group of a donar can be accepted by a person
having blood group–
(a) A (b) B (c) AB (d) All of these (Ans : d) 

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