R.R.C. (Gorakhpur) exam of the year 2014 held on dated 2 November, 2014. 
1. The Champaran Movement that began with the visit of Mahatma Gandhi to
Champaran was against–
(A) The British rule (B) Against the indigo planters (C) Against the zamindars
(D) Against the talukdars
(Ans : B)

2. By what name was the erstwhile rulers of Russia known ?
(A) Shah (B) Czar (C) Pharaoh (D) Sultan
(Ans : B)

3. Who was the author of the book Panchatantra ?
(A) Vishnu Sharma (B) Bhavabhuti (C) Banabhatta (D) Kalidasa
(Ans : A)

4. Who was Birsa Munda ?
(A) Leader of the Munda uprising (B) Christian proselytiser
(C) Freedom fighter of 1857 rebellion (D) First Chief Minister of Jharkhand
(Ans : A)

5. Mahmud Ghazanavi was the ruler of Ghazani. Where was Ghazani situated ?
(A) Pakistan (B) Iran (C) Russia (D) Afghanistan
(Ans : D)

6. Who was the first Guru of the Sikhs?
(A) Guru Angad (B) Guru Govind Singh (C) Guru Nanak (D) Guru Arjan
(Ans : C)

7. Which of the following appropriately describes the process of formation of
igneous rocks?
(A) Cooling and solidification of magma (B) Settling and compaction of sediments
and fine particles transported by water and wind
(C) Compaction of earth’s crust under high pressure and temperature (D) None of
the above
(Ans : A)

8. Which type of soil is in abundance in the Northern Plains of India ?
(A) Black cotton soil (B) Laterite soil (C) A mixture of laterite and black
cotton soil (D) Alluvial soil
(Ans : D)

9. What are calorie, joule and erg?
(A) Units of measuring heat (B) Units of measuring work done (C) Units of
measuring energy (D) All the above
(Ans : D)

10. The Union Territories are administered by–
(A) The Lieutenant Governor appointed by the President (B) The President himself

(C) The Prime Minister (D) The Union Home Minister
(Ans : A)

11. The famous Calicos of Calicut was–
(A) A type of sea shell (B) A type of clothe (C) A type of dance (D) A type of
(Ans : B)

12. What would be the difference in the local time between the two farthest
eastern and western points in India ?
(A) Approximately two hours (B) Approximately three and half hours
(C) Approximately five and half hours (D) Approximately four hours
(Ans : A)

13. Which part of the plant leaves provides carbon dioxide for photosynthesis?

(A) Chlorophyll (B) Chloroplast (C) Stomata (D) Stem
(Ans : C)

14. Where was the first Mono rail service started in India?
(A) Mumbai (B) Kolkata (C) Chennai (D) New Delhi
(Ans : A)

15. What for Ahamadullah Shah, popularly called the Maulavi of Faizabad known in
connection with the revolt of 1857 ?
(A) He preached Islamic principles and asked his followers to support the
(B) He prophesied the end of British rule and urged his followers to fight
(C) He was the commander of Nana Saheb
(D) He was the Prime Minister of Awadh
(Ans : B)

16. What was the ‘Izardari ‘ system of tax collection in Awadh under the Nawabs
(A) The highest bidder was given the rights to collect the taxes and remit a
fixed amount
(B) The highest bidder was given the rights to collect the taxes and remit a
percentage of the amount
(C) The highest bidder was employed on regular salary to collect the taxes
(D) The highest bidder was paid a fixed amount and the rest was remitted to the
(Ans : D)

17. Which of the following languages is relatively recent?
(A) Arabic (B) Persian (C) Urdu (D) Sanskrit
(Ans : C)

18. Which of the following is not true about Indus Valley Civilization?
(A) No planning appears to have been made in development of the cities
(B) The city roads were laid in straight line crossing each other at right
(C) Drains were often covered and had inspection holes
(D) Most of the houses had their private bath
(Ans : A)

19. What did the term ‘Zabt’ mean in the Mughal period?
(A) System of revenue collection (B) Seizure of property (C) Marriage done by
force (D) Conscription for the army
(Ans : A)

20. Who was the writer of the biography of the famous King Harshavardhan, known
as Harshacharita ?
(A) Banabhatta(B) Aryabhatta (C) Kalidasa (D) Harshavardhan himself
(Ans : A)

21. In the Ryotwari system of tax collection–
(A) The cultivators paid to the zamindars (B) The zamindars had to pay to the
(C) The village headman had to pay to the company (D) The cultivators directly
paid to the company
(Ans : D)

22. Where will you find the deodar trees in abundance?
(A) Himalayan region (B) Coastal areas of Kerala (C) Coastal areas of Tamil Nadu
(D) Vindhya region
(Ans : A)

23. Which of the following is invariably found in all the acids ?
(A) Hydrogen (B) Oxygen (C) Nitrogen (D) Carbon
(Ans : A)

24. Which of the following is a bad conductor of electricity?
(A) Copper (B) Diluted hydrochloric acid (C) Water (D) Gold
(Ans : C)

25. Going from surface of the earth to its centre, what is the correct order of
the layers of the earth?
(A) Core, mantle, lithosphere (B) Mantle, core, lithosphere
(C) Mantle, lithosphere, core (D) Lithosphere, mantle, core
(Ans : D)

26. The abbreviation CNG stands for-
(A) Compressed Natural Gas (B) Cooled Nitrogen Gas (C) Concentrated Natural Gas
(D) Compound Natural Gas
(Ans : A)

27. Which of the following is true about a balanced chemical equation ?
(A) Number of molecules on the left hand side should be equal to that on the
right hand side
(B) Number of atoms on the left hand side should be equal to that on the right
hand side
(C) Number of compounds on the left hand side should be equal to that on the
right hand side
(D) Number of molecules, number of atoms as well as the number of compounds on
the left hand side should be equal to that on the right hand side
(Ans : B)

28. Who is empowered to resolve a dispute between two states?
(A) Parliament (B) Cabinet (C) Supreme Court (D) President
(Ans : C)

29. Kathakali is a classical dance form of–
(A) Uttar Pradesh (B) Kerala (C) Tamil Nadu (D) Andhra Pradesh
(Ans : B)

30. Where did the mutiny which changed into the rebellion of 1857 start ?
(A) Barasat (B) Barackpore (C) Meerut (D) Delhi
(Ans : B)

31. Unit ‘Radian’ is used to measure-
(A) Radius of circle (B) Intensity of radioactivity (C) Angle (D) Strength of
Radar Signals
(Ans : C)

32. The Pharaohs of Egypt used to be–
(A) Spiritual head (B) Temporal head (C) Spiritual and temporal head (D)
Democratically elected kings
(Ans : A)

33. In the beginning of human history, the early man was basically a–
(A) Hunter-gatherer (B) Farmer growing primitive crops
(C) Shephered with domesticated animals (D) Nothing is known about the early man
(Ans : A)

34. Which of the following is not a variety of cloth prepared in the
Pre-colonial India ?
(A) Calico (B) Muslin (C) Chintz (D) Neel
(Ans : D)

35. Which direction do the Muslims face while offering namaz ?
(A) West (B) North (C) In the direction of Mecca (D) In the direction of Madina
(Ans : C)

36. Which of the following emperors shifted his capital from Delhi to Daulatabad
(A) Alauddin Khalji (B) Iltutmish
(C) Qutubuddin Aibak (D) Muhammad Tughlaq
(Ans : D)

37. The conqueror Alexander marched up to the banks of the Beas river but had to
return because–
(A) His soldiers refused to march ahead as they were scared of the armies of the
Indian Kings
(B) He had no boats to cross the river
(C) He had fallen ill and had no wish to continue
(D) He had language problem and hence there was no point in proceeding eastward
(Ans : A)

38. Rana Pratap Sagar near Kota in Rajasthan has a–
(A) Hydel Power Plant (B) Thermal Power Plant (C) Nuclear Power Plant (D) Tidal
Power Plant
(Ans : C)

39. Only one side of the moon remains visible from the earth. What is the
(A) The moon completes one revolution and one rotation in the same period
(B) Only one side of the moon is lit by the light from the sun
(C) The speed of rotation of the earth and the moon are same
(D) The moon does not rotate
(Ans : A)

40. The diameter of the earth is–
(A) Same everywhere (B) More at the tropic of cancer (C) More at the equator (D)
More across the poles
(Ans : C)

41. Which of the following is the latest State of India?
(A) Jharkhand (B) Uttarakhand (C) Chhattisgarh (D) Telangana
(Ans : D)

42. Which one of the following States is not a leading producer of iron ore?
(A) Jharkhand (B) Himachal Pradesh (C) Chhattisgarh (D) Karnataka
(Ans : B)

43. Who was popularly called ‘Frontier Gandhi’ ?
(A) Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan (B) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad (C) Vinoba Bhave (D) Dr.
Rajendra Prasad
(Ans : A)

44. If a trader goes to moon and sells goods by weighing with a spring balance–

(A) He will make more profit than he made on earth
(B) He will make lesser profit than he made on earth
(C) He will make same profit as he made on earth
(D) Depends on the article sold by him
(Ans : C)

45. What is the primary objective of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana ?
(A) To bring poor and financially excluded people in the banking system
(B) To credit relief directly in the accounts of the poor
(C) To bring the financially excluded people in the tax net
(D) To eliminate paper currency by issuing debit cards within three years
(Ans : A)

46. On what pretext did East India Company annex Awadh ?
(A) Mismanagement of state and pathetic condition of the subjects (B) Nawab’s
anti Company policies
(C) Nawab’s refusal to pay the Company (D) Nawabs refusal to let the Company
(Ans : A)

47. During whose reign did Shivaji campaign against the Mughal Empire?
(A) Aurangzeb (B) Jahangir (C) Shah Jahan (D) Humayun
(Ans : A)

48. The ancient Tamil literature known as ‘Sangam Literature’ was composed
around 2300 years ago. It was called ‘Sangam Literature’ because–
(A) It was compiled in the assemblies known as Sangams
(B) It originated at the confluence of two rivers
(C) It was a mixture of different types of literature
(D) It was composed party in Tamil and Partly in Sanskrit
(Ans : A)

49. Where is Shantiniketan ?
(A) Gujarat (B) Himachal Pradesh (C) West Bengal (D) Orissa
(Ans : C)

50. Where did the Portuguese establish their first trading base in India ?
(A) Mumbai (B) Chennai (C) Goa (D) Emakulam
(Ans : C)

51. The Mughals were descendants of–
(A) Genghis Khan (B) Timur (C) Both (A) and (B) (D) None of the above
(Ans : C)

52. Buddha preached his first sermon at–
(A) Samath (B) Gaya (C) Kushinagara (D) Kapilavastu
(Ans : A)

53. What is the epicenter of an earthquake?
(A) A point at the earth’s surface below which the movement begins
(B) The point in the earth’s crust where the movement begins
(C) Central point on the line drawn from the focus of the earthquake to the
surface of the earth
(D) Central point on the line drawn from the focus of the earthquake to the
centre of the earth
(Ans : B)

54. Which of the following conditions is responsible for formation of petroleum
(A) Great mass of dead plants subjected to high temperature and pressure
(B) Molten magma from the core of the earth subjected to high temperature and
(C) Petroleum was formed from the gaseous mass during the formation of the earth

(D) None of the above
(Ans : A)

55. What is the upper house III the State Legislature called ?
(A) Legislative Assembly (B) Rajya Sabha (C) Legislative Council (D) Legislative
(Ans : C)

56. Diamond is basically a form of–
(A) Silica (B) Carbon (C) Calcium (D) Silicon
(Ans : B)

57. Which of the following rulers built the famous road which is National
Highway No. 1 between Delhi and Amritsar at present?
(A) Sher Shah Suri (B) Akbar (C) Humayun (D) Ibrahim Lodhi
(Ans : A)

58. What is objective of Rashtriya Gokul Mission?
(A) Development of a township near Mathura
(B) Conservation and development of Indian cow breeds
(C) Providing financial security to those in Dairy business
(D) Providing free insurance to those in Dairy business
(Ans : B)

59. What is a Dargah ?
(A) The place of prayer of a Sufi saint (B) The tomb of a Sufi saint
(C) Living place of a Sufi saint (D) The tomb of an emperor
(Ans : B)

60. Who started the building of Qutub Minar ?
(A) Iltutmish (B) Raziah (C) Qutubuddin Aibak (D) Ahmed Shah Abdali
(Ans : C)

61. What was ‘Kharaj’ during the reign of Sultanate?
(A) Tax on religious groups (B) Tax on trade (C) Tax on agricultural produce (D)
Tax on manufacturing
(Ans : C)

62. What was the main purpose of performing Ashwamedha Yajna in the ancient
(A) To establish the superiority of the performing King (B) To pray for a male
(C) To appease the rain God Indra by offering sacrifice (D) To appease God
(Ans : A)

63. The East India Company obtained the first revenue rights by obtaining–
(A) Diwani of Bengal (B) Diwani of Surat (C) Diwani of Madras (D) Diwani of
(Ans : A)

64. At what age did Akbar become the emperor?
(A) 12 years (B) 13 years (C) 17years (D) 19years
(Ans : B)

65. Who was sent as ambassador at the Greek Emperor Seleucus Nicator in the
court of Chandragupta Maurya ?
(A) Megasthenes (B) Macro Polo (C) Al Beruni (D) Fa Hien
(Ans : A)

66. Why is the Doab region called so ?
(A) It contains alluvial soil called ‘domat’ (B) It lies between two great
(C) It lies between two great mountain ranges (D) It is inhabited by two major
(Ans : B)

67. Which of the following rivers flows in the western direction ?
(A) Narmada (B) Godavari (C) Krishna (D) Mahanadi
(Ans : A)

68. Which of the following is secreted inside the stomach to help digestion of
food ?
(A) Sulphuric acid (B) Nitric acid (C) Amino acid (D) Hydrochloric acid
(Ans : D)

69. Where is Hazaratbal Mosque situated?
(A) Andhra Pradesh (B) Jammu and Kashmir (C) Bihar (D) Madhya Pradesh
(Ans : B)

70. Which of the following rivers is known as Tsangpo in China ?
(A) Padma (B) Kosi (C) Brahmaputra (D) Ganga
(Ans : C)

71. Where are the Lakshadweep Islands situated?
(A) Arabian sea (B) Bay of Bengal (C) Pacific ocean (D) Near Sundarbans
(Ans : A)

72. Which of the following is found in vinegar ?
(A) Citric acid (B) Acetic acid (C) Lactic acid (D) Ascorbic acid
(Ans : B)

73. Which property of light defines its colour ?
(A) Frequency (B) Intensity (C) Luminosity (D) Energy
(Ans : A)

74. What is the sum of the exterior angles of a triangle?
(A) 1800 (B) 1200 (C) 3600 (D) 4800
(Ans : C)

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