• Who was the first recipient of Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award ?
  • Which vitamin is essential to make red blood cells ?
  • Which place of worship in Myanmar contains eight strands of Buddha’s hair ?
  • ASIAD games are held after how many years ?
  • Which is the state bird of Delhi ?
  • Who is credited with the conceptualization and design of the Indian Rupee Symbol ? 
  • Who wrote “The Discovery of India” ?
  • Name the only woman Prime Minister of India ? 
  • Which musical instrument is Pandit Ravi Shankar associated with ?
  • What is the nickname of Glenn McGrath ?
  • What is a group of Fish called ?
  • Which planet is named after the Roman Messenger of God ?
  • What is world’s most ancient game ?
  • Where were first Paralympic games held ?
  • Who was the first woman with speaking, hearing and visual disability to graduate ?
  • Who was the first European to reach China ?
  • What are plants that eat meat called ?
  •  Who was the first woman attorney general in the United States ?
  • Which waterfall is at the border of USA and Canada ?
  • Which method of farming is used in areas that receive less rainfall or have no fixed source of irrigation ?
    QUIZ OF DAY-06/01/2017 GK

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