Through which city does the river Nile flow ?

 Name the vitamin which is produced in the human body when exposed to sunlight ?

To protect the tiger species from extinction which project was launched by the Indian Government ?

Who discovered the Laughter Therapy ?

On which day did the Indian National Congress declare complete Independence or Purna Swaraj ?

Name the smallest bone in the Human Body ?

How many stars are there on the flag of the European Union ?

How many medals did India win in the 2012 Olympics ?

How many official languages are recognized by the European Union ?

How many bones does a human infant have ?

When did Mahmud Ghazni first invade India ?

In which year did Vasco da Gama find the sea route to India ?

In which year did Babur establish the Mughal Empire in India ?

In which year was the East India Company Established ?

In which year was the first railway line opened ?

When was the Eden Gardens in Kolkata built ?

In which year was Gandhiji born ?

When was the Indian National Congress formed ?

Which year saw the Partition of Bengal ?

Name the biggest Monolithic Statue in the world ?

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