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ONLINE MCQ-Indian Politics Part 1

1. Which one of the following union territories has its territorial areas spread in three states?
A. Delhi
B. Pondicherry
C. Chandrigarh
D. Lakshadeep

[2]The bonded labour system in India was abolished in
A. 1970
B. 1975
C. 1976
D. 1977

[3] The highest body which approves the Five Year Plan of our country is
A. President
B. Parliamnet
C. Planning Commission
D. National Development Council

[4] The Indian Planning Commission was set up in
A. 1948
B. 1950
C. 1951
D. 1952

[5] The day to day administration of a Union Territory in India is looked after by a
A. Governor
B. The President
C. Lt.Governor
D. Council of Ministers

[6] When Constitution of India was adopted
A. 26th January 1950
B. 26th November 1950
C. 15th November 1948
D. 26th November 1949

[7] Which country is the source for the Fundamental Duties?
A. Russia
B. Canada
C. U.S.A.
D. U.K.

[8] Directive Principles of State Policy was enshrined in the Constitution in
A. Part I
B. Part II
C. Part III
D. Part IV

[9] Megalaya State was created on
A. 1960
B. 1962
C. 1966
D. 1972

[10] The maximum age prescribed for a person to the election as President of India is ?
A. 18


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