ONLINE MCQ EE AND ECE-A.C. Fundamentals, Circuits and Circuit Theory Part Two

1. The power is measured in terms of decibels
in case of

    (A) Electronic equipment
    (B) Transformers
    (C) Current transformers
    (D) Auto transformers

2. Wire-wound resistors are unsuitable for use at high
frequencies because they

    (A) Create more electrical noise
    (B) Are likely to melt under excessive eddy
    current heat
    (C) Consume more power
    (D) Exhibit unwanted inductive and capacitive effects

3. The product of apparent power and cosine of
the phase angle between circuit voltage and current is

    (A) True power
    (B) Reactive power
    (C) Volt-amperes
    (D) Instantaneous power

4. In a series resonant circuit, the impedance
of the circuit is

    (A) Minimum
    (B) Maximum
    (C) Zero
    (D) None of the above

5. In series resonant circuit, increasing inductance
to its twice value and reducing capacitance to its half value

    (A) Will change the maximum value of current at
    (B) Will change the resonance frequency
    (C) Will change the impedance at resonance
    (D) Will increase the selectivity of the circuit

6. In a loss-free R-L-C circuit the transient
current is

    (A) Oscillating
    (B) Square wave
    (C) Sinusoidal
    (D) Non-oscillating

7. In a circuit containing R, L and C, power
loss can take place in

    (A) C only
    (B) L only
    (C) R only
    (D) All above

8. Time constant of a capacitive circuit

    (A) Increases with the decrease of capacitance and
    decrease of resistance
    (B) Increases with the decrease of capacitance and
    increase of resistance
    (C) Increases with the increase of capacitance and
    decrease of resistance
    (D) Increase with increase of capacitance and
    increase of resistance

9. The effective resistance of an iron-cored choke
working on ordinary supply frequency is more than its true resistance because

    (A) Iron loss in core
    (B) Skin effect
    (C) Increase in temperature
    (D) Capacitive effect between adjacent coil turns

10. Skin effect occurs when a conductor carries
current at _________ frequencies.

    (A) Very low
    (B) Low
    (C) Medium
    (D) High

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