1. Trunk of tree increases in grith due to cell division in which tissue? – Meristematic tissue
2. Which tissue in cells have lost the capicity of cell division? – Permanent

3. Which scientist studied about wheat rust problem? – K. C. Mehta
4. Most of the plants obtain nitrogen from the soil in which from? – Nitrates

5. Which fungus is responsible for disease late blight of potato? – Phytophthora infestans
6. Which is responsible for red rot of sugarcane? – Collectorichum falcatum

7. Which stage of development of insect is most harmful for crop? – Caterpillar
8. In India famous Bengal famine accurred in 1942 by which disease? – Leaf
spot of rice

9. Which factors are most responsible for disease in plant? – Fungi
10. Which fungus is responsible for the tikka disease of groundnut? – Cercosplora personata

11. Which animals who have constant body temperature? – Homeothermic
12. What is treatment of body defects through massage and exercise? – Physiotherapy
13. What is making interesting discoveries unexpectedly or by accident? – Serendipity
14. What is Study of growth and development of embryo? – Embryology
15. Which branch of biology is concerned with study and function of internal
organ of organism? – Physiology
16. Which branch of science deal with the study of causative agent of disease?
– Etiology

17. What is the Study of pulse and arterial blood pressure called? – Sphygmology
18. Which branch of biology deals with the study of processing and preservation
of food? – Food technology
19. What is the Study of the effects of toxic chemical substance on animal and
plant? – Toxicology
20. What is the Branch of science which deals with the study of skin of man? – Dermatology

21. The release of which fish into wells helps in controlling the mosquitoes? – Gambusia fish
22. Which animal lays eggs and does not produce young ones directly? – Echidna
23. How many pair of heart is found in an earthworm? – Four

24. Which substance found in blood which helps in cloting? – Fibrinogen
25. Which worm reach into intestine of human by eating leaf? – Tape worm
26. Which is the phylum that includes exclusively marine animal? – Echinodermata
27. Which organs has its own wave of autonomic excitation? – Heart

28. What is the short upper part of human intestine next to the stomach? – Duodenum
29. A person feel fatigued due to depositon of which acid in their muscles? – Latic Acid
30. In the retina of eye cells what is present for colour differentiation? – Cones
31. Which gland is responsible for the secretion of insulin? – Pancrease
32. What is considered as the easily digestable source of protein? – Soyabean

33. What percentage of water found in blood plasma of human? – 91 to 92%
34. Which blood vessel bringing blood into Bowman’s capsule? – Afferent

35. Bu which antibodies are produced in the plasma of blood? – Lymphocytes
36. Which enzyme take part in digestion of milk protein? – Rennin
37. Which part of brain is centre of thirst hunger and sleep? – Hypothalmus
38. Blood Coagualtion is prevented by which chemical when it flow through
artery and vein? – Heparin
39. Which organelles in the cell, other than nucleus contains DNA? – Mitochondria
40. What is infolding from the inner membrane of mitochondria called? – Cristae

41. In a living cell what is the site of ribosome formation? – Nucleolus
42. What do both respiration and photosynthesis require? – Cytochromes
43. In absence of ribosome in cell which function does not takes place? – Protein synthesis
44. Deficiency of which vitamin, causes xerophthelmia? – Vitamin A

45. Which antimicrobial drug is suitable for treatment of both tuberculosis and
leprosy? – Rifampicin
46. Insects that can transmit diseases to human are referred to as which name?
– Vectors
47. Pneumoconiosis affects the workers who work mainly in which industry? – Coal mining industry
48. Lathyrism is caused by excessive consumption of which thing? – Khesari Dal

49. Which part of blood carry out the function of body defence? – White blood

50. Which disease is caused due to presence of excess arsenic in water? – Skin

51. What is the transmission of characters from one generation to next? – Heredity
52. Who got noble prize for artificial synthesis of DNA? – Kornberg
53. What is the smallest part of DNA that undergoes recombination? – Recon
54. By whom was Artificial gene synthesis first done in laboratory? – Khurana

55. By whom the concept of survival of the fittest as advanced? – Herbert

56. From the evolutionary point of view, which is the most primitive animal? – Turtle
57. Which was the Russian scientist who proposed the theory of origin of life?
– Oparin
58. Who published the book ‘Origin of species by natural selection in 1859’? – Darwin
59. Which is most primitive ancestor of man ? – Australopithecus

60. Which harmful element tobacoo exists in tobacoo ? – Nicotine
61. What is abiotic component of ecosystem? – Water
62. What is Study of inter relationship between living organism and their
environment? – Ecology
63. Epiphytes are plant which depend on other plants for which purpose? – Mechanical support
64. What amount of energy transfered from one trophic level to next? – 10%
65. Plant and animal living in a particular area, what is it called? – Community
66. Reduced leaves and sunken stomata are the main feature of which thing? – Xerophytes
67. What ratio of forest area needed for ecologycal balance in India? – 33.3%
68. Ultimate environmental hazard to mankind, why? – Due to Nuclear pollution

69. Sound become hazardous noise pollution at which level? – Above 80 dB
70. Which energy do not have the problem of pollution? – Sun
71. Which air pollutant affect the nervous system of man? – Lead
72. By which is the Atmosphere of big metropolition cities is polluted most? – Automobile exhausts
73. National Environmental Engineering research institute is situated in which
city? – Nagpur
74. Edward Jenner is related with which disease? – Small pox

75. Which Scientist first explained about circulatory system? – William Harvey

76. Who discovered Anopheles mosquito transmit malaria? – Ronal ross
77. Who discovered the causal organism of the disease Anthrax? – Robert Koch

78. Which Scientists has established the ‘Phylum Annelida’? – Lamark
79. Which Biologist proposed the theory of Germ plasm? – Weisman
80. For which is the southern blot technique used for the detection? – DNA
81. For which is the northern blot technique used for the detection? – RNA
82. What is the introduction of foreign genes for improving genotype? – Immunisation
83. Which vitamin is transformed in golden rice ? – Vitamin A
84. Human protein x –1 – antitrysin is used for which disease? – Emphysama

85. Which type of cell has the ability to develop into any type of all ? – Stem

86. What is the percentage of land area covered under forest according to
Indian Forest policy? – 33%
87. Which organisation is responsible for maintaing Red data book? – IUGN
88. What is the main cause of extinction of species from tropics? – Deforestation

89. What is the number of plant species estimated to be present in India? – 40,000

90. Which group has the highest number of endangered species ? – Reptiles
91. Silent valley having rare plant and animal is located in which state? – Kerala

92. Which is the first national park established in India? – Corbet

93. Insectivorous plant generally grow in soil which is deficient in which gas?
– Nitrogen
94. What is one-way relationship where one species benefits at the expense of
another is called? – Parasitism
95. What is symbiotic relationship in which both species benefit’ is best
described? – Mutualism
96. Which of a species describes the tropic function it fills in its
environment? – Niche
97. What is the least influential in determining the distribution of
terrestrial biomes? – Salinity
98. What is the term for the maximum number of individuals that an area can
support indefinitely? – Carrying capacity
99. The massive hole in the ozone layer over the Antarctica was first
discovered in which year? – 1985
100. Which animals have a diet mainly consisting of bamboo? – Red pandas


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